Tips and Tricks for Moving Wine Bottles

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Making sure that all of your wine arrives at your new house securely is essential to enjoying a glass of wine after a hard day of moving.

Your wine bottles are vulnerable to damage during a relocation, just like any other delicate or glass items. No one wants to lose a bottle of their favorite wine due to improper packaging procedures (try repeating that ten times fast!) whether they purchase $3 Aldi wine or some pricey vintage to store in their cellar. Here are some suggestions for the safest methods to transport your wine bottles from iMove NYC.

Expert Packaging for Flawless Pours

Wine boxes are the best and simplest way to store wine bottles. If they are not laying around your residence.

Ask for any leftovers at your neighborhood grocery store, liquor store, or winery. As long as they haven’t already recycled them, you’ll be in luck because these places typically go through a lot of wine boxes every day. These boxes have partitions to prevent bottle collisions during transport and are composed of thick, durable cardboard.

You do not need to do any further taping or strengthening other than simply sealing the box before moving because they are designed specifically to transport wine bottles.

DIY Can Be the Answer

It’s time to turn to DIY or ask iMove NYC for some boxes if your neighborhood wine dealers don’t have any to provide you. To the best of your ability, recreate a wine box.

Take a box of average size, tall enough to accommodate wine bottles. Fill it with just enough wine bottles to fill the majority of the box without overloading it to the point where it collapses.

Next, make separators out of leftover cardboard that will serve as padding between the bottles. Finally, tape the box shut tightly to prevent the bottles from piercing the cardboard during transportation. To properly support the weight of the wine when moving, carry the box from the bottom up.

Do the best you can with what you have if you find yourself in a bind toward the end of your packing procedure and have no space left in cardboard or boxes for packing. Use any kind of cushioning you can find to cushion the wine bottles as you pack them in a plastic tote, bag, suitcase, or other carrying container.

If necessary, you can stuff the bottles with old towels, sheets, tarps, clothes, Kleenex, and toilet paper. In the event of a rocky trip, the important thing is to keep the glass bottles apart. Open a bottle and toast a successful transfer once your bottles have arrived at your new residence safely.

iMove NYC And the Move

Wine bottles, glassware, and other delicate items have been moved by iMove NYC local NYC moving specialists with the type of care that comes with a lot of experience. iMove NYC is here to help when you want your relocation to go well without worrying about your pricey wine collection.

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