Understanding the Certificate of Insurance (COI) for Your Move

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What Is a Certificate of Insurance (COI) and Why Is It Important?

A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is a vital legal document in the moving process. It serves as proof that a moving company, like iMOVE NYC, has full insurance coverage.

This certificate is issued by an insurance company and provides protection for both you and the moving company in case any damage occurs during the move.

Having a COI is crucial because it not only safeguards your belongings but also protects the properties you’re moving from and to.

Most property managers, especially in apartment complexes and condos, require a COI to ensure they’re protected against any potential damages during the relocation process.

By providing a COI, iMOVE NYC demonstrates our unwavering commitment to safety and responsibility, ensuring a secure and worry-free moving experience for our clients.

iMOVE NYC’s No-Cost COI: Guaranteeing Safety Without Extra Fees

Understanding the significance of the COI, iMOVE NYC provides this certificate at no additional charge. Be wary of moving companies that charge extra for a COI, as it could indicate they lack full insurance coverage. 

What Does a COI Cover?

A comprehensive COI includes umbrella coverage, cargo insurance, workers’ compensation, automotive liability, and general liability coverage. In general, COI must cover $1 – 2 million USD per move.
In some cases, however, buildings, especially commercial ones, may require higher coverage limits. 

Acquiring a COI through iMOVE NYC is an easy process:

What Happens if Damage Occurs During the Move?

At iMOVE NYC, our goal is a flawless moving experience. However, should any damage occur, we will immediately engage with the building manager to initiate the insurance claim process. We manage all aspects of the claim to provide a swift and fair resolution, ensuring your peace of mind.

Make the first move and we’ll handle the rest.

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