Terms and Conditions

By paying iMOVE NYC, LLC services you agree to our iMOVE NYC’s Product and Services Terms and Conditions.

It’s your responsibility to be aware of and check our Terms and conditions. We reserve our right to change, replace and update any part of our Terms and Conditions.

Cost Of The Service And Payment

In order to secure your move date, flat rate moving fee based on your binding quote and your requested moving services, we require $50 deposit payment.


● If your move is quoted more than $3000, we require a 10% deposit of your total quoted moving fee in order to secure your move date and your requested moving services.


● By receiving your binding quote, you have 24 hours to pay your deposit in order to keep your original price for moving services. If not, we reserve our right to change your original moving quote price based on our availability for the chosen moving date and time window.


● All deposit payments have to be paid via a secure payment link and we can forward the payment link to you or we can collect payment over the phone.


● We accept all major credit or debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American

Express, and Discovery)


● Your deposit is refundable up to 1 business day before the move if you would like to cancel your services with iMOVE NYC and the request must be written via email. Allow up to 2 business days so our team can refund your deposit back to your bank account.


● If you request cancelation of your move on the day of the move you will not be refunded.



Outstanding balance  


● The remaining balance of your invoice must be paid 1 business day before the move. Our team can’t proceed with our service unless the remaining balance for your invoice is paid in full.


● For the remaining balance of your invoice, we accept all major credit and debit cards (paid via secure electronic payment link), cash, certified checks.


● If you would like to pay iMOVE NYC with a cash or certified check on the day of the move you have to notify iMOVE NYC during the booking process.  


● The cash of certified check must be collected before the start of the move and iMOVE NYC Forman will collect it on arrival. iMOVE NYC will not start moving your belongings or loading the truck unless remains balance is collected.

● If there’s any remaining balance a third-party debt collector will be informed and it may impact your credit score.



High demand days (25th to 31st and 1st to 3rd any month)


● If you would like to cancel your service with iMOVE NYC during high-demand days we require at least 3 business days’ notice prior to the move. If the rescheduling or cancelation notice is not provided within 3 business days of the original move date the penalty will be 100% of your total price.


Cancel or reschedule the move


● If you would like to cancel or reschedule your iMOVE NYC services we require at least one business day (24 hours) before the move so we can avoid any penalties.  


Additional Charges

● On the day of the move, if you have additional items or additional services (stairs,

special handling) and those items or services are not on your original inventory list we

will provide you an updated inventory list with an updated quote. For iMOVE NYC to

move additional items or to proceed with additional service you will have to review and

pay the additional moving fee.

● If there is no parking within 150 feet of the entrance of the pickup and drop-off locations

an excessive carrying and pushing fee is applicable depending on volume and

distance. The moving crew will advise the customer of this and inform the moving

consultant who booked this service for the customer to charge the additional fee, this

depends on the volume of your move, with the maximum fee of $250.

● Payment for additional items can be made over the phone or via a payment link with

all major credit or debit cards. If you would like to pay with cash the remaining balance

for the additional items, iMOVE NYC moving crew must collect the cash prior the

moving additional items or prior to providing additional services.

● iMOVE NYC tolerates up to 5% additional items on the day of the move.

● iMOVE NYC can’t proceed with moving additional items unless the fee is not paid in


● iMOVE NYC is responsible for the parking tickets.

Hourly Based Moves

● iMOVE NYC is not liable for the incorrect time frame estimates, the customer is

responsible to specify the time frame estimate during the booking. If the time frame for

the hourly-based moving service exceeds customer will be billed for additional time.

iMOVE NYC moving crew will inform iMOVE NYC sales representative if more time is

needed and our sales representative will let you know about additional hours that our

crew is needed to complete the move and you will be billed for additional hours.

● Hourly labor moving services start when the crew meets the client and starts the

moving services.

● If additional time is needed the customer will be billed based on the original time rate

agreed by the customer.

● The client must make payment of additional moving service during the move and

before the actual additional hour starts. The payment can be collected over the phone

or via a secure payment link or cash. The iMOVE NYC crew will notify customers before

originally billed hours exceeded.

● By the terms and conditions of the iMOVE NYC, hourly-based moving service is only

provided for the same building move (from one floor to another).

● In the hourly-based moves, we can’t move items heavier than 150 pounds because

for those items special handling is required.

Cost Of The Services

● iMOVE NYC’s cost of the services is subject to change if the time of the reservation or

date is changed by the customer.

● iMOVE NYC’s flat fee services include furniture protection (blankets, tape, plastic

shrink), dollies for the duration of the move, also include fuel, tolls, and mileage


●For video or in-person estimates the quote provided by iMOVE NYC, LLC for moving

services is based on the items shown in the video quoting process and the inventory list

agreed to by the customer when booking their move. If additional items or services are

added that were not quoted for in the original moving quote the cost of service is subject

to change

● If there are any delays during the move caused by the customer

or customer building management additional waiting time charges may apply.

●The flat price for the moving service is subject to change if there are additional items

or services that weren’t originally quoted in an original quote.

●For quotes based on a video sent by a customer iMOVE NYC sales representative will

add items to a quote based on a video sent by the customer and the customer is

responsible to make sure that everything is listed correctly. If there are additional items

or additional services to be added on the day of the move original moving quote and

price is subject to change.

Customer Responsibility  

●iMOVE NYC, LLC will not be responsible for the content of the boxes for the customers

who decide to pack their own boxes. For any illegal substances or illegal products that

are packed into the boxes by the customer iMOVE NYC LLC will not be responsible.

●The customer must be present at all times during the move.

If not, the customer is responsible to let iMOVE NYC know that he/she will not be

present during the move in written form prior to the move. In that case, iMOVE NYC will

not be responsible for any claims regarding the forgotten, damaged, or lost items or any

claims from the building management.

●All furniture MUST BE EMPTY on the day of the move by the customer. The only case

where customers don’t have to empty the furniture is when the customer has chosen

our packing service. If the customer chose our packing service, he/she must empty

Fridge, freezer, and food-related items under food and safety requirements. iMOVE

NYC will not be responsible for any damages, death, or sickness due to food poisoning.

●Customer is responsible to unplug any electronic components and related items.

iMOVE NYC crew is not responsible to install and uninstall any electronic items.

●Customer who have chosen to pack their own items, they must be packed in durable

boxes and packing material durable for transportation. If the boxes are not properly

packed and fragile items are broken into the boxes, not by our mistake iMOVE NYC will

not be responsible for those damages.

● iMOVE NYC will not move any live animals or pets. Live plants will be moved by

iMOVE NYC but we will not be responsible for the damage on plants due to cold or

warm weather.

● iMOVE NYC will not, under any circumstances will load or move any: live animals,

firearms, or illegal substances and chemicals.

● For long-distance moves iMOVE NYC will not move any live plants, or into any

storage facility.

● iMOVE NYC can move live plants only in a local move.

● Our crews can move items heavier than 300 pounds but the crew’s Forman will

decide if moving those items is safe for the crew and if not, we reserve our right not to

move those items if it’s not safe.

● The customer is responsible to sign a “bill of lading” at both locations, pick up, and


● iMOVE NYC movers will test the function of the TVs at both locations, pick up and

delivery and the customer is responsible to sign if the TV works or not at both locations.

● For any other rights and responsibilities of the customer please go to the link below

for more information


Insurance And Value Coverages For Customer Belongings  

● All your items and belongings are covered with free basic coverage of 60 cents per

pound per item by default as requested by the Department of Transportation. If you

would like to purchase additional insurance for your items you can go to www.movin

ginsurance.com. Any additional insurance must be purchased at least 48 hours before

the move and the customer have to let us know in writing that additional insurance is

purchased and for what items. The additional insurance can’t be added on the day of

the move or post the move.

● If customers have high-value items we strongly recommend purchasing a 3rd party

insurance because we are liable to pay only 60 cents per pound if the item is damaged.

● iMOVE NYC may request additional fees if you have purchased additional insurance

because 3rd party insurance in some cases may request Wooden crates or additional

protection for insured items. We will also need at least 3 days to make wooden crates or

any additional protection for your items.

● For the items that are already broken the customer can’t claim any insurance claims or

damages and iMOVE NYC reserve our right to take picture of any item and state the

damaged items on the “bill of lading” at the pickup and delivery location. The customer

must acknowledge and sign that items are broken or damaged prior iMOVE NYC

coming to the customer’s pick-up or delivery location. F or any items that are being

damaged prior to the move iMOVE NYC is not going to be responsible for the condition

of those items during the service or after our moving service. If the customer refuses to

sign a “bill of lading” iMOVE NYC is not going to perform any service or refund the



● iMOVE NYC will provide a COI for the customers who have booked and paid for their

service in full for the buildings who require COI to do our services in their building, by

3rd party insurance provider.

● It’s a customer’s responsibility to get the requirements from the building management,

provide them via email prior to the move, and notify iMOVE NYC if building

management requires a COI for pick up or delivery location.

● iMOVE NYC has the right to charge an additional fee or refuse to move the customer

if our crew arrives at pick up or delivery location and the customer didn’t provide

information that building management requires a COI.

● iMOVE NYC doesn’t provide a floor protection in a standard

Flat moving fee. If the customer or building management requires additional protection

customer is responsible to let iMOVE NYC know via email that we have to prepare

additional protection and an additional fee for handling will apply.

Claims And Refunds

● Customer has 90 days from the move/delivery to file a claim. If a customer fails to file

a claim after 90 days iMOVE NYC will not hold them liable for any damages or liabilities.

● iMOVE NYC’s goal is to resolve any claim as soon as possible when we receive claims

via email, photos, or relevant documentation regarding your claim.

● The claim must be submitted in written form directly to iMOVE NYC. After the

customer submits the form iMOVE NYC has 30 days to acknowledge receipt of your

claim. iMOVE YC has 120 days to provide you with a disposition. We have entitled to

60 days extensions if the claim can’t be processed or disposed of within 120 days.

● If the iMOVE NYC crew is late to the pickup arrival window (for example 9-11 am, the

crew comes at 11:30 am) iMOVE NYC will compensate the customer with 5% of their

total service cost. For every hour after the arrival window in the pick-up location, we will

compensate the customer with 5% of the total cost for their move up to a

maximum of 15%.

● The late refund fee applies only for the pickup location. Claim for the late fee

compensation is only payable to customers who make their claim in a written form via

email sales@imovenycmoving.com

● The late fee compensation claim must be made on the day of the move or 1 day after

the move. If the claim is made 2 days after the move iMOVE NYC refund is not payable

and iMOVE NYC is not liable to pay requested refunds.

● If the iMOVE NYC crew is late on pick up and the customer doesn’t file a late arrival

claim, iMOVE NYC is not liable to disclose this term or make payment to the customer.

● The claimant of the forgoing claim to iMOVE NYC, hereby makes a solemn oath to

the truth of the statements contained herein and exhibits attached, hereto, and that no

material fact is withheld that should be included in this claim report. Once this claim has

been reported, the claimant has 48 hours to report any additional issue, after which no

additional items or issues can be added to the claim or be raised as a new claim to


● If customers have any claim to make please contact sales@imovenycmoving.com.

When  submits the form to iMOVE NYC, you will be emailed with a copy of the

form for your own records.

● A claim can’t usually be resolved right away and it will take time before the items can

be inspected, repaired, or replaced.

● In a claim process, we take our claims or feedback very seriously. When we receive

all information about your claim including all the pictures or evidence our clan

department will start our investigation on your claim. Our claim department and your

salesperson will be the key contact in resolving your claim. iMOVE NYC will find a fair

resolution regarding your claim as soon as possible. iMOVE NYC will present you with a

fair offer to your claim. If you accept the offer, we will compensate you accordingly, but if

the offer is not accepted, we will work with an independent arbitrator where appropriate.

Safety Of Customers And Moving Crews

● iMOVE NYC’s moving crews had 2 weeks of moving training which include doing jobs

safety, packing, unpacking, lifting, safe driving, securing items, and customer service


● All our personnel are covered by third-party workers’ compensation insurance which

iMOVE NYC covers by New York State Law.

● Customers are advised not to carry the items because they are paying iMOVE NYC to

do services for them. If customer lift the items and get injured, they are doing that on

their own risk. iMOVE NYC is not liable for any claims or damages that a customer

causes themselves during the move.

● Customers are expected to treat our moving personnel with respect.

iMOVE NYC reserves the right to stop a move if a customer is harassing our personnel.

Contactless Moving Service

● Contactless moving service is where the customer or their legal representative is

present during pick up or delivery address, at the time of pick up or delivery of their


● If a customer book a contactless moving service with iMOVE NYC the customer

agrees to iMOVE NYC’S contactless moving services terms and conditions. If the

customer pays a deposit or any other fee to iMOVE NYC they agree to our terms and


● Customers must be available online during the contactless move to answer the call or

video call all the questions to the moving crew regarding the move, so our moving crew

can complete your move.

● Customer is required to sign their bill of lading electronically to acknowledge the

accurate loading and completion of their move.

● During the contactless move customer will not hold iMOVE NYC liable for any claims

or damages for the building or apartment damage such as dents, damage to walls,

scratches to floors and doors.

● iMOVE NYC will not be held liable for any claims or damages for items that are

already broken or damaged on arrival. iMOVE NYC may take images of any items that

are already broken and damaged and report them to the claims department before

touching and moving the item. iMOVE NYC will cover existing damaged and broken

items with the basic insurance policy required by the Department of Transportation

amounting to 0.60 cents per pound of an item and will not provide any further

compensation for these items.

● iMOVE NYC will not be liable for any damages or claims to the items and boxes

self-packed by the customer. We will cover claims like that with 60 cents per pound with

basic insurance by the DOT.

● iMOVE NYC will move or do services only what is on the inventory list and noting

more than that if the customer doesn’t pay for additional services or items.

Customer is responsible to provide our crew access to their pick up or delivery location

via a legal representative or building management. iMOVE NYC is not responsible for

the security of the pick-up or delivery location during the move and will not be held liable

for any claims of theft, damage, or lost keys to the location. Our crew will do our best to

secure the location and give back the keys to the representative picked by the customer

at the location. It is customer’s responsibility to ensure keys have been handed over

and the door has been locked. Our crew will not drive to deliver the keys to the

representative or customer. Our crew have to hand over the keys at pick up or delivery


Long Distance Moving Services

● We provide long-distance moving service options:

  • Consolidate shipping
  • Individual (straight) delivery.

● iMOVE NYC reserves our right to use a third-party insured long-distance moving

provider to ship and move your items to your delivery location depending on the

distance of your move.

● When a third-party long-distance mover is completing the shipment and do a delivery

of your long-distance move all the communication regarding your move will be with an

iMOVE NYC who will liaise with a carrier on your behalf.

● Shuttle truck transfer may be required if a 53 foot truck is not able to fit at the delivery

address and will be included at additional cost depending on the size of the move..

● If there’s any claim during the move with a third-party long-distance carrier you must

submit your claim to iMOVE NYC for handling, in accordance with our claims processes

and procedures.

● In the consolidated shipping we will pick up your items on the pick-up date and

iMOVE NYC will reload items in third-party long-distance carriers

trailers to ship your items to the delivery location. Multiple customer items may be

packed in one trailer.

● We will aim to deliver the shipment in the delivery window as noted on your booking

confirmation email. We will provide 2 updates: one, when the carrier leaves the pick-up

state and second one day before the delivery.

● Straight delivery

iMOVE NYC will pick up your items on the pick-up date agreed upon reservation. We

will also deliver your items at drop-off locations within the agreed drop-off date window.

The whole truck is reserved only for your belongings.

● iMOVE NYC is not responsible for any delays caused by unexpected traffic, accidents,

road closures, law enforcement stop during your long-distance move which may impact

your drop-off date and time.

● We will refund $50 per day for long-distance delays after delivery window is missed

due to mechanical failure or poor logistics planning.

● For the consolidated moves the shuttle truck may be required if a 53-foot truck is not

able to fit at the delivery address and will be included at no additional cost. The

customer is responsible to inform us one day before the pick up or delivery if 53-foot

truck can fit in their street so we can organize a shuttle truck if required.

● iMOVE NYC har right to place your items in a storage space and redeliver the items

at first available date if nobody’s present at the delivery point within the guarantied

window of delivery. The additional fees for storage and redelivery will be present.

Storage Moving Service

● iMOVE NYC will provide an individual storage unit. All the items will be stored in a dedicated storage unit with the ability for storage visits.

● The customer guarantees and warrants that they are the legal card holder of the

credit/debit card used on iMOVE NYC, LLC payment portal and or over the phone with

a iMOVE NYC representative.

● Storage monthly fees will be charged by the size of the shipment and it will be

calculated in cubic feet plus tax per month. The rate for storage is a fixed price on the

day of booking and signing a storage agreement and paying a move-in service deposit,

in which case the customer is bounded to the terms and conditions of iMOVE NYC.

● All monthly storage fees will be automatically processed every month on the customers

original storage move-in-date, using the customer’s card on file used to process their

storage move in service.

● If the customer’s card is declined due to insufficient funds, a canceled card or other the

customer will be sent a reminder email with payment portal details to process the

outstanding balance which will update to the new card details provided for future

monthly storage fees can be automatically processed. If payment is not received or a

valid card is not updated late fees and penalties will apply.

● We reserve our right to amend a customer’s monthly fees only under following

conditions: if the customer schedules partial storage move out, schedules an additional

move in with additional items, has additional items that weren’t originally quoted for the

original storage move-in service.

● Storage monthly rates are not prorated. For example if a customer moves into a

iMOVE NYC, LLC storage facility on the 10th of that month that will be their ongoing

monthly billing date, in which billing is automated. If the customer decided to move out

of the iMOVE NYC, LLC on the 26th of a month, iMOVE NYC LLC will not refund or

credit the fee already paid for the month’s storage to the customer in the form of a bank

transfer or credit towards their move out services. If the customer decided to move out

on the day of their original move in date iMOVE NYC, LLC and if all outstanding

payments have been received iMOVE NYC LLC will not bill the customer for their

upcomings months storage fee. If the customer books their storage move out 1 day

after their original storage move in date they will proceed for their full monthly storage


● Storage visits are only available if they are scheduled at least 2 days prior to the desired

date and requests for visit must be written via mail to iMOVE NYC. Storage visit can’t be

scheduled betwteen the 26th through 3rd of the following month.

● The storage visit fee is $75 for one hour and every additional 30 mins are $50.

● Move out from the storage can be scheduled 3 business days prior tothe move out date.

Self-move out needs to be scheduled at least 3 business days prior the move and price

for self-move out will be the price of monthly storage fee. The fee for a self-move-out

must be paid at least 2 business days prior to the move.

● Any storage unit may have more the one individual customer’s belongings.

● If the customer didn’t pay monthly storage payments of 3 months, iMOVE NYC has the

right to place your items to auction or items to cover the cost for storage. If

this scenario happens iMOVE NYC will not be held liable for any damages or claims.

● iMOVE NYC, LLC will defend any and all customer chargeback claims submitted to

their bank via iMOVE NYC, LLC merchant processor for legitimate services provided to

the customer by contractual agreement

Packing And Unpacking The Boxes

● iMOVE NYC uses the materials to safely move your belongings from one place to

another. Materials like a wardrobe boxes, tv box, picture box, blankets or any other

moving material belongs to iMOVE NYC and it will be retrieved at delivery location.

● Full packing and unpacking service will be provided to a customer for additional fee

and this service is not our basic service. Last-minute packing or unpacking services

may be rejected if they are not on the original inventory list. If the packing and

unpacking service is requested time of booking and we will provide boxes, packing

paper and packing supplies to provide a proper and safe packing service and all those

supplies will be included in the packing service fee. We will not provide a bubble wrap

unless is required by the customer during the booking of the move.

● iMOVE NYC will not organize the items in the boxes while packing unless requested

by the customer at the time of booking. iMOVE NYC will pack items in accordance with

the room they are in and the type of item they belong to. We will randomly and safely

pack items but will not separate the content of drawers that need to be packed among

the boxes. The packing will be done in the order that is most effective for an efficient

and safe operation. It is the responsibility of the customer to organize their items before

our moving crew commences the packing service.

● We will not be responsible for additional packing of the boxes if the number of the

boxes is not enough by the original number of boxes agreed during the booking


● If the customer request unpacking service we will unpack the boxes and dispose the

boxes and packing materials used at the time of packing.

iMOVE NYC can’t unpack boxes that our crew didn’t pack.

● When our crew unpacks the boxes, we can’t match colors or designs of the items but

we will pack all the items where they belonged at pick up location (kitchen items in the

kitchen, etc.)

Furniture Disassembling And Reassembling  

● Customer is responsible to fully disclose the true nature, size, and complexity of their items. We have the right to charge an additional charge or even to refuse to move an item on the day of the move due to the size and complexity.  

● iMOVE NYC will not be held liable for any damages caused when assembling and disassembling furniture. We provide a variety of furniture handling services, which some may require special handling and that must be said by customer on the day of the booking and special handling fee have to be charged.

● Large items such as a China cabinet, armoire, pool table, exercise machine, and similar oversized and heavy items if they can’t be moved in one piece it will require special handling and the additional fee will be charged. We have the right not to move those items if they can’t be done safely.  

● iMOVE NYC will strictly not assemble furniture or any item that was not disassembled by iMOVE NYC at the pick-up location. We will not be held liable for any damages or claims regarding the damage of items disassembled and packed by the customer.  

Additional Handling/Protection

● Additional handling services provided by iMOVE NYC, LLC are packing, handling and

disassembly and reassembly services for heavy, valuable, fragile and unique

items. Additional handling requires additional labor, skills, equipment and materials with

require additional fee.

● When customer is requiring the service, customer is responsible to clearly define all

the items and required moving services.

● Additional handling/protection will be applicable for furniture or items that contains

marble, stone, glass, crystal, mirrors, screens (excercise bike) or large picture frames.

All these items might be a subject for additional protection with moving blankets,

cardboard or wooden crating and it will result with addtional fee.

● Additional disassembly / reassembly handling is applicable for furniture that requires

movers to take out 8 screws or more, or spend 20 plus minutes to

disassemble/reassemble. Items that fit under this category include, but are not limited

to: armoires, bookcases, shelves, cabinets, entertainment centers, beds (storage,

captains, canopy, electric, loft, trundle, bunk, adjustable), sofas, wall units, etc.

● Additional heavy item handling is applicable for any piece, or furniture that weighs more

than 200 lbs. Examples of such items include, but are not limited to; pianos, large

tables, gym equipment (ellipticals, treadmills, etc), armoires, large dressers (triple,

double), recliners, electronic appliances (fridges, washers, dryers), sculptures, art

installations, items made out of heavy stones, heavy metals or full wood, etc.

● iMOVE NYC reserves the right to refuse to move or leave behind an item or piece of

furniture based on crew foreman’s assessment of the situation, with the main factors

being the safety of all parties and potential damages that could occur. If the foreman

concludes that moving a piece is dangerous to the environment (walls, floors, doors),

the state of the piece (possible damages) and most importantly the health and safety of

movers, customers and bystanders.

Furniture Disposal

● iMOVE NYC can perform service of furniture disposal at the request of the customer

to a disposal center if requested at the time of booking for an additional fee. If we do the

disposal of the items to a disposal center there will be a fee for additional mileage,

additional stop, labor cost, and a charge for the cost of the disposal center. iMOVE NYC

will also provide a plastic cover for a mattress for disposal.

● iMOVE NYC will also dispose of customer items on the curb if that was requested

during the booking. If the customer didn’t request disposal of the items iMOVE NYC will

not dispose of the items on the day of the move.

● iMOVE NYC is not going to be responsible for any fines or penalties of illegally

curbside disposal, it is the customer’s responsibility who owns items to be aware of city

curbside disposal pick-up days.

Referral Program

● iMOVE NYC offers a referral program that awards a referrer with a commission fee on

their referrals completed move.

● There are a few steps to be completed for the referrer to earn a commission fee:

● The referrer’s referral must move and paid moving service with iMOVE NYC, so

referrers can make a commission fee. For example, if refers your friend and your friend

didn’t move with iMOVE NYC you can’t get the commission fee. Commission fee will get

the referral who complete their move with iMOVE NYC.

● The referrals must be submitted on a referral program web form on our website and

via email.

● If you do referral your friend and your friend does the move with us but you didn’t do a

move with us you can’t get the commission fee.

● If you qualify for the commission fee your commission will be sent to your bank

account via Venmo, PayPal or via Zelle within 30 days of referral finished moving


● Commission fee for local moves is 10% from the total of the move and 5% for

long-distance moves (outside New York and New Jersey states).

● iMOVE NYC also reserve right to change or cancel a referral program any time. The

referred customer doesn’t earn any discount on their own if they are referred to iMOVE

NYC via this program. The referrer who earns a commission fee can’t use that as a

credit for any future moves or services from iMOVE NYC or cannot be applied as a

discount to any other moves or services. If the refereed customer has opened claim

process with iMOVE NYC, which can result a loss of earned revenue, iMOVE NYC

reserves a right not to pay referrer their common fee as no revenue has been earned. In

that situation we may pay $50 flat fee commission if their referral has an open and

pending claim, no matter what was original percentage fee.

● Under any circumstances iMOVE NYC will not accept any referral submissions forms

after the referrals move date or after the move has been booked. All referrals must be

submitted prior the booking of the job.

● With a storage moving services referral program only part of commission fee will be

made of the storage move-in service, commission will not be paid for the storage

monthly fee or for storage move out.

Customer Privacy

● iMOVE NYC is committed to protect your policy. The statement of privacy applies to our services and governs data collection and usage at all iMOVE NYC websites, third party lead platforms, emails, phone calls and physical completion of services.

Collection Of Personal Information  

● iMOVE NYC collects personal information via phone, email, web form and third-party

lead provider such as email, name, home or work address, phone number, bank

account information and credit/debit card details. Information’s collected by us are used

for billing and provision of the purchased or related services. We will not collect any

information about your computer hardware and software.

How We Use Your Personal Information  

● iMOVE NYC uses and collects your personal information to process service orders

and deliver the services requested. We may use your information to inform you about

our additional services and other products. We may also contact you via marketing

communication, or survey to research your opinions of current services.

● iMOVE NYC may occasionally hire other companies to provide limited services on our

behalf, such as international and long-distance moves, providing customer support,

processing transactions, providing services, or performing statistical analysis of our

services. We will provide those companies only the information needed to deliver the

service they provide.

● We don’t also use or collect disclose sensitive personal information such is race,

religion or political affiliations without your explicit consent.

● iMOVE NYC may access and/or disclose your personal information if required to do so

by law or in the good-faith belief that such action is necessary to: (a) conform to the

edicts of the law or comply with legal processes served on iMOVE NYC or the site; (b)

protect and defend the rights or property of iMOVE NYC, including its website; or (c) act

under exigent circumstances to protect the personal safety of users of iMOVE NYC or

the public.

● For what purposes do we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information. The

main reasons we may collect, use, hold and disclose personal information include:

● Our general business operations and functions, including providing you with our

product and services;

● To provide and answer questions about products and services to you and/or your

organization and to send communications when requested;

● To conduct business processing and related functions including providing personal

information to our related bodies corporate, clients, contractors, service providers or

other third parties;

● To update our records to keep your contact details up to date;

● To process and respond to any complaint made by you;

● To comply with our legal or regulatory requirements, or where required by law;

● Conducting business on our website, and improving our websites.

● iMOVE NYC is committed to protecting your personal information. We use a variety of

security technologies to help guard against unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. For

example, we store the information you provide on computer systems in controlled

facilities with strictly limited access. This includes your name, address and credit card

information. We use trusted and large third-party technology vendors who use data

encryption technology. Credit card and billing information is collected on and stored on

our QuickBooks merchant accounts.

Limitation Of Liability

We do not guarantee, represent or warrant that your use of our service will be

uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free. We do not warrant that the results that may

be obtained from the use of the service will be accurate or reliable. iMOVE NYC is not

responsible for delays due to road traffic conditions. iMOVE NYC is not responsible for

a buildings’ time restrictions.

You agree that from time to time we may remove the service for indefinite periods of

time or cancel the service at any time, without notice to you. You expressly agree that

your use of, or inability to use, the service is at your sole risk. The service and all

products and services delivered to you through the service are (except as expressly

stated by us) provided ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ for your use, without any representation,

warranties, or conditions of any kind, either express or implied, including all implied

warranties or conditions of merchantability, merchantable quality, fitness for a particular

purpose, durability, title, and non-infringement. In no case shall iMOVE NYC, our

directors, officers, employees, affiliates, agents, contractors, interns, suppliers, service

providers, or licensors be liable for any injury, loss, claim, or any direct, indirect,

incidental, punitive, special, or consequential damages of any kind, including, without

limitation lost profits, lost revenue, lost savings, loss of data, replacement costs, or any

similar damages, whether based in contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability or

otherwise, arising from your use of any of the service or any products procured using

the service, or for any other claim related in any way to your use of the service or any

product, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in any content, or any loss

or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of the service or any content (or

product) posted, transmitted, or otherwise made available via the service, even if

advised of their possibility. Because some states or jurisdictions do not allow the

exclusion or the limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, in such

states or jurisdictions, our liability shall be limited to the maximum extent permitted by


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