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What’s your first thought when someone comes up with the word – moving? In many cases, the first association is stress, while the second one is packing, then once again stress. We get why people link moving with stress, since if you don’t have great organizing skills, or a friend with one, you’ll probably spend too much time spinning in circles than actually doing some work.

For those people that are 100% sure they can’t handle packing on their own, we can offer a helping hand. We at iMOVE NYC offer all kinds of moving-related servicessuch as packing, unpacking, storing, etc. However, in this article, we want to help those brave people who want to tackle the most work on their own.

So you are all pumped out, you made a comprehensive list for packing room by room, and you even did some decluttering, but something is missing. You didn’t sort out your moving supplies, and by this, we mean boxes, bins, crates, bags, or anything that you can use for packing.

Luckily for you, we had some spare time on our hands and decided to write this informative guide and teach you where to get moving boxes. Now let’s stop chit-chatting and let’s get to work!

Moving Boxes 101 – Size and Strength Are Crucial!

The most important thing when choosing moving boxes is to make no mistakes when considering the strength of the material. You might think, there is no chance I can make mistake when buying boxes, but you can, easily. Remember, the better built your boxes are the fewer chances are that your valuable items will end up damaged or broken. The main goal is to experience a successful move, without suffering unnecessary breakage and stress, and the only way to do that is to invest time and money when choosing your packing supplies.

The most common mistake people make is overpacking the boxes. The second one is buying the largest available boxes and then filling them in full, without even thinking that this is a bad idea. When you pack a box you must think about the weight of the items in it. First, that box might be too heavy to lift, and second, this jam-packed box will break at some point under the weight of items.

Think smart and avoid unnecessary situations such as being asked by the moving company to re-pack your items into less weighty and smaller-sized boxes. Research a bit before purchasing moving boxes, there are standard moving box sizes designed to fit specific types of items. In the next chapter, we will be talking about the most basic types of moving boxes

List of basic types of moving boxes and their purposes

Most of us are familiar with the standard cardboard box, which is available in a few different sizes, however, this box isn’t always a good solution when it comes to packing. Yes, this box can usually hold a relatively strong amount of weight, when new, but there are some specific items that require also several forms of specialty boxes. Packing for a move includes the following items.

Book Box – Small Box 16 3/8 x 12 5/8 x 12 5/8

These boxes are used for packing books, which are pretty heavy, or any other heavier small items like photo albums, decorations, mugs, etc. The size is large enough to hold a nice amount of items, yet play smart and don’t overload. Never packed them so full that they are heavy to lift. Also, make sure you always seal your boxes properly to avoid any damages.

​Medium Box, 18 1/8 x 18 x 16

This box is the golden grail among packing supplies. It is small enough to be comfortable for carrying, an large enough to fit quite a nice amount of items in it. If you have some larger books you can definitely pack them in these boxes. These are the most versatile boxsincesice it is great for almost anything that you can imagine.

Large Box, 24 x 18 x 18

The size of this box is perfect for heavier items like dishes, small kitchen appliances, cookware, and fine china.​ You can be creative with these boxes, and use them for longer items, like bedding, pillows, blankets, bulky winter clothing, linens, and lightweight toys. As we like to mention don’t forget to check if the box is too heavy when packed. No matter how sturdy these boxes are if overloaded they will eventually brake.

Extra Large Box, 22 x 22 x 21 1/2

Even though most people think that an extra large box will save the day, in most cases this is the box that will get you in trouble. These boxes are large, but that does not mean they can carry large weights with ease. In fact, these boxes are slightly larger than standard large boxes and they are suitable for long yet light-weight and bulky items such as kid’s toys, Christmas decorations, lampshades, ​large beddings, decorations, wall posters, etc.

Picture Boxes

Well, the name says it all. These boxes are large, single, or double-walled boxes that vary in size. They are ideal for packing wall mirrors, paintings, pictures, and 3-D art pieces with narrow or wide frames. Our kind advice is to never pack more than one item per box to avoid damages that can occur. Also, always wrap your item in bubble wrap first, just in case.

Dish-pack Box, 18 x 18 x 27

In case you have some very valuable porcelain, fine china, or other kinds of glass dishes you should consider buying specialized dish boxes. Dish-pack boxes are made of double-walled corrugated for extra strength and better protection. Keep in mind that when packing dish-pack boxes, you need to place inserts to divide your items. You can use newspapers, any kind of paper, towels, or clothes, or buy specially designed inserts.

Even when you use inserts, make sure you protect each item separately by wrapping it in two layers of bubble wrap. This tactic works like a charm and saves you loads of money and nerves.

Wardrobe Box, 24 x 20 x46

If you are a neat freak, then simp folding your clothes in any kind of box is not an option for you. We get it, clothes like pants, jackets, coats, shirts, suits, dresses, and skirts need to be treated with care and respect. Sometimes folding can damage the delicate structure and shape of the item so this is where you need to buy specialized wardrobe boxes.

They are useful because your clothes can comfortably be placed in them with the hangers. When you open the boxes, your clothes are ready to hang in your new closet. The estimation is that if you have 20 feet of closet space, you’ll would need around 8 wardrobe boxes.

Quality wardrobe boxes, are strong enough to accommodate additional items on the floor of the box beneath the clothes so here you get an extra additional space for scarfs, shirts, pajamas, or pillows, linens, towels, you get the point.

Where You Can Acquire Or Buy Moving Boxes?

It’s not that simple to find good quality yet affordable boxes. The thing is that many people try to save as much money as they can when moving, so naturally, they ain’t willing to spend a small fortune on packing supplies, which is understandable.

Specialized moving boxes and moving supplies can add up quite some amount of money to your final bill. However, there are a lot of cost-effective ways to pack your stuff. Here is the list of our top picks for affordable, durable boxes to buy.

  • Amazon – Best if you prefer ordering your boxes online
  • Walmart – Best if you must see and inspect the boxes in-store before purchasing
  • Lowe’s – Best if you are looking for affordable heavy-duty boxes in various sizes
  • Home Depot – Best if you want to save up some money. They give discounts when you buy in sets
  • U-Haul – Most affordable specialized moving boxes on the market
  • Staples – Best of you look for a variety of shapes and constructing styles
  • Uboxes.com – Best for buying complete moving kits

But this is not all.

Did you know that you can get some moving boxes for free? But before we share these secret places with you, we must say a few things first. These boxes are not suitable for packing large and heavy items. They are best to be used for things like toys, towels, clothes, wardrobes, and small lightweight items. Also, make sure you only take those that are new and clean.

Now, you must be intrigued after the last sentence, but we are talking about the boxes that you can acquire at your local grocery or liquor store. You can also visit an office supply store, book store, or furniture store and ask if there are some unused boxes that they can spare. Look for the store manager and ask, you’ll be surprised how much money you can save by asking.

Now That You Know Where To Look For The Moving Boxes

Since we sorted this problem out, it is time to pack your things and move out. It sounds simple, right? Well, it can be, when you hire a reliable moving crew from iMOVE NYC. Our team of professionals will do everything they can to help your relocation process run smoothly and stress-free for both parties.

If you still didn’t schedule your free estimation with us, now is the best time to do so! Don’t worry, it won’t take you a lot of time, all you need to do is follow this link and fill in a few lines. We are waiting for you!

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