What Can You Do To Successfully Handle Moving Company Scams?

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Unfortunately, every year thousands of people end up as victims of unreliable moving companies and their scams. As I mentioned in the previous post there are many types of moving scams, some can be easily detected and some can’t.

If you or someone you know have been a victim of a moving scam, you can relax for a second since there is hope. No matter which type of moving scam bothers you, here you can find a list of offices that you can contact and ask for help.

You will be glad to know that there are numerous amount of options available that will help you file a complaint against the moving company and resolve the issue. Here is a comprehensive guide that will help you successfully handle moving company scams.

How And To Whom You May Report A Moving Scam?

Before you take any further action, my first advice to you is to contact your moving company and explain to them what’s bothering you, in a calm and reasonable voice. Try to find a solution with them. 

You need to be aware that sometimes mistakes and misunderstandings can occur, so try to resolve an issue directly before you file a complaint to authorities. If the company is reputable and reliable they will be glad to resolve any issues you have with them.

Better Business Bureau

In case they refuse to talk to you then it is time to contact Better Business Bureau through their Online Complaint System, you can file a complaint on this link, or you can visit their office. After two days BBB will notify the moving company about the unresolved issue and give them 14 days to replay and act on it. If the company does not reply, BBB will contact them again. It takes about 30 days to close these disputes.

Local moving authorities

You can also choose to contact your local moving authorities that are responsible for regulating moving companies that operate in the State. They will launch an investigation and get involved immediately.

The American Moving And Storage Association (AMSA)

AMSA is a non-profit trade association that represents professionals from the moving industry. If your moving company is registered in AMSA you should file a report to them directly by calling or sending them an email.

Keep in mind that AMSA is not a governmental agency. They can try to resolve matters relating to consumer complaints, information, and arbitration, but they aren’t authorized to order the moving company to provide refunds, compensations, or force them to make a settlement.  However, they can still help you by providing all the legal information you may need. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

You can also choose to file a complaint to the FMCSA. You can do it on this link here. Just like AMSA, they aren’t authorized to force the moving company to take the action toward resolving the issue. So why you should do it?

Well, if enough people file a complaint against the same moving company, that will motivate them to take some action against the company.

If none of these actions work, you can always take the issue to the court.

In The End, It Is All About The Reputation

Remember that we are living in an era where internet reviews will make or break the business. Most companies from different industries rely on positive referrals and online reviews. So a well-managed campaign will help you take control of your issue and bring the bargain to the table.

To avoid the risk of being scammed hire a licensed and reputable mover. iMOVE NYC is at your disposal for any questions and concerns you may have. We are just one click away.

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