Tips for Moving Into a High-Rise Apartment Building in New York City

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Living in New York City offers a variety of interesting experiences. One of them is residing in a complex of high-rise apartments or condos. High-rise living is a dream because of the stunning vistas of life in (or even above) the clouds, but moving may be, well, a little daunting.

However, there is always a solution to every issue, and who better to lead you through the urban labyrinth of NYC relocating than the experts themselves? iMove NYC is here to assist, whether you plan to handle your next move independently or with professional support. Here are our top suggestions for your next move.

Size of the Apartment Matters

Without a question, NYC apartments are beautiful. However, they can occasionally resemble a Tetris game. Measure every inch of your new room before the big move. Knowing what fits and what might need to be left behind is crucial.

Perhaps you should reconsider purchasing that wonderful four-poster bed or L-shaped couch. And keep in mind that in New York City, vertical storage is your buddy. Think up, not out, just like in your high-rise apartment!

Observe Building Regulations

Every New York City skyscraper has its unique peculiarities. Some may have set moving hours, while others may require you to make a move-in appointment. Learn the regulations for your building at all times. It can spare you a headache (and possibly the concierge’s side-eye).

Schedule your move with iMove NYC after you are up to speed on everything about your new residence. We’ve been dancing through NYC’s elevators and passageways for years, so we know a thing or two about how high-rises operate. So, let us take care of the stairwells and service elevators while you concentrate on your new perspective.

Pack Wisely

City living calls for city knowledge, and preparing for a move is no exception. Your time, money, and effort will be better spent if you pack efficiently and lightly. Switch to compact, portable packaging instead of those huge ones.

You may locate objects without having to dig through them by using clear bins. Think about using suitcases for heavier stuff. They are designed to support weight in addition to having wheels. Last but not least, label everything. You’ll be grateful you highlighted those boxes when looking for your favorite cup on the first morning in your new house given the chaos of city life in New York City.

To Sum Up

Let us take care of your move! Get a free quotation now or contact our professionals at iMove NYC for more information right away!

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