Why You Need To Use Moving Blankets?

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You don’t want to scratch and ruin the floors in your old or new home, right so? It is very important to ensure that your belongings don’t suffer or cause any scratches or larger damage. The best way to avoid unwanted damage and save up some time is to use moving blankets.

These handy furniture pads are a great addition to basic moving supplies like boxes and packing paper, and are suitable for both professional and amateur movers. They provide a high level of protection for your home and ensure that your furniture makes it safely to the new home.

In this article, I will talk about why they’re useful and where you can buy them. Read on to learn more about moving blankets.

What Exactly Are Moving Blankets And How Are They Used?

Just so you know moving blankets are also known as furniture paddings. They are heavy-duty cloth coverings that protect furniture, electronic appliances, and your walls during the relocation process by providing thick cushioning that absorbs shock. Most moving blankets are made of cotton, polyester, or a combination. In addition, the majority of moving blankets also have interior cushions that provide extra protection suitable for fragile items.

So how exactly are furniture paddings used? First, you need to unfold the blanket and place them over the object to cover as much surface as you can. For larger items, you will need at least two blankets to cover the whole thing. You can use packing tape to compile two blankets into one.

The next step is to secure the moving blanket to the furniture or item you are moving. I recommend you use a layer of stretch wrap or double-sided packing tape to secure the blanket to the item. Once the moving blanket is secured on top you can move the item freely without worrying about it slipping off. For heavy items using a dolly or hand truck is a must since a moving blanket doesn’t allow you to get a good grip.

Types of moving blankets?

There are two types of moving blankets. The ones that are suitable for moving lightweight furniture and those that are suitable for fragile and heavy items. Let’s see the difference:

  • Light moving blankets – These are made of non-woven fabric and are a budget-friendly option. Light furniture pads are suitable for light transportation when the items are not too large, heavy, or valuable. These blankets provide minimum protection and they can’t withstand multiple uses.
  • Heavy moving blankets – These blankets provide maximum protection and they are made from durable and extremely thick materials like woven cotton fabric. You need to use them when you need to move high-value items that you cannot afford to damage.

How to choose the right moving blanket?

Logically you want to use the best possible moving supplies and equipment when transporting your belongings. The point is to provide as much protection as you can, and for that, you need a sturdy and reliable product. There are a few factors you should take into consideration when choosing a moving blanket.

  • Quality – Different types of fabrics such as non-woven, polyester, and cotton are in use for crafting these blankets. All these provide different levels of quality.  Non-woven blankets have the lowest quality but they are still a great option for transporting smaller things. Blankets made of polyester and thick-woven cotton are ideal for cushioning and provide a high level of protection.
  • Size, weight, and thickness – The standard size of a moving blanket is  72×54 inches. This particular size is suitable for appliances, electronics, and furniture. Also, you can purchase a larger size, the exact dimensions are 72×80 inches. Use these blankets for bigger appliances such as stoves, dryers, washers, or large TVs.
  • Quantity – To be able to determine how many blankets you will need to measure the space in a moving truck. The universal formula is to use dozen moving blankets for every 5 feet of your truck’s space. You can buy moving blankets in packs of 2, 4, 10, and 12, at Walmart, U-Haul, or Amazon.

Why Invest In Moving Blankets?

This product offers great protection and durability in transportation, especially when you are moving some very valuable items such as antique dressers, home theaters, large TVs, or instruments for example. Here are some of the most valuable reasons why you need to purchase them asap:

  • High-level protection – Moving blankets ensure that all your belongings arrive at your new address safe and sound. They will cost you around $20 per blanket but they will prevent damages that can cost you at least ten times more. Moreover, they are reusable and very durable, so you can use them for a long time and many purposes.
  • Prevents nicks and scratches – We all know that some scratches are inevitable while moving, but why not do everything you can to prevent most of them? Using moving blankets will offer much-needed protection from dents and scratches.
  • Flexible – Packing things in plastic containers and card boxes is great. But these packing supplies aren’t so flexible and they can’t be uniformly used with all kinds of items. On the other hand, furniture pads are very flexible and can be used to cover or wrap anything you want, no matter the shape and size of the item.
  • Prevents scratches on the floor – When you move furniture risk of floor scratches is high. However, you can use moving blankets to prevent these. You can place the heavy furniture on the moving blanket and slide it across the house. This also makes transportation of bulky furniture from point A to point B a lot easier and risk-free for your health.

Once you are done with using your moving blanket you can wash it and fold it. You can either wash them by hand or in a washing machine. Don’t wash moving blankets in a regular washing machine since their limit is up to 20 pounds. Never use a dryer for moving blankets.

Need Help With Your Relocation?

We understand that many people want to save up some money when moving, and do most things on their own. If you are about to DIY your packing and truck loading, then you need to invest some money in good quality moving equipment. Moving blankets are one of those things you can’t work without. As you can see there are many different types of moving blankets and you can choose from many price ranges. The only thing you need to keep in mind is durability.

Now that you know how to use moving blankets and where you can find them you are all set for DIY relocation. But if you are not sure that you and your friends can pull this through, then contacting us is the only way to go. iMOVE NYC team of specialists will arrive at your address fully equipped with all the necessary tools for an effortless and effective relocation.

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