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Moving to San Francisco is one of the best things you can do for yourself considering this is one of the most desired places to live in America. That many people thrive in this city because of its booming economy. But with things like great weather, an amazing culinary scene, and endless options for some fun outdoor activities, who would feel sad and bored in SF?

However, there is one major drawback. San Francisco is a very expensive city for many people. So if you don’t have any good savings or a good job and paycheck that awaits you there you should maybe postpone this relocation for a bit. But if you can afford it now, don’t hesitate and move there asap. There are a lot of reasons why you should call San Francisco your home, so here is the list of reasons that made me think about moving there.

It’s A Multicultural Environment

San Francisco is well known for warmly welcoming differences, so many communities that are taboo find their place here. Everyone fits in and everyone feels at home here.  It seems like San Francisco loves weird. Many of the public events show that for example Burning Man festival, Folsom Street Fair, or How Weird Street Faire.

On the other hand, this cultural diversity promoted San Francisco as a great tourist destination. A large number of people from all around the world visit this amazing city each year. Which is great for the local economy as well.

Great Job Opportunities

As you know this forward-thinking city is a leader in the world of high-tech and will stay a leader in this industry for a long time. Did you know that San Francisco and its Silicon Valley neighbor have the highest household income in the nation? The median income according to some research from 2020 is $123,000! The bad news is, that this insanely raises the housing prices in the city.

The technology sector draws evolves constantly and draws in prodigies and talent in this field from all over the world. When thinking of moving to San Francisco, job opportunities must be one of the three crucial factors, since you won’t be able to live here if you don’t earn big bucks. Two other factors should be school systems and the cost of living.

Great Outdoors And Natural Beauty

San Francisco is surrounded by great outdoors and beautiful nature. This is the reason why outdoorsy people choose to move to San Francisco. Hiking is very popular around here. Taking a long stroll in Muir Woods, which is just 12 miles north of San Francisco, will provide a redwood experience you won’t forget.  This is a federally protected National Monument since 1908. The primeval forest is one of a kind and makes sure you visit it no matter if you are an SF resident or just a tourist.

Did you know that Mount Tamalpais is supposedly where the mountain bike was invented? This is a place where you can bike on the elevated trail with gorgeous views. The next event fascinates me the most. In the Sigmund Stern Recreational Grove’s forest, surrounded by pines and fragrant eucalyptus, you can attend free summer Sunday concert series featuring San Francisco’s world-class symphony.

San Francisco has an endless supply of parks and green open spaces where you can chill out with your family and friends. Organize a picnic in some of the federal parks such as The Presidio which features a hiking trail with jaw-dropping bay views. Or take your kids to Dolores Park which features a Disneyland-esque playground.

Say Goodbye To Harsh Long Winters

Moving to San Francisco can be a great decision if you prefer a cooler climate and you don’t mind the fog. The temperature in here only reaches 80 degrees or higher for about 21 days per year. In case you prefer the temperature but don’t like the fog you should check out neighborhoods in the east that are less foggy.

The coolest temperatures in the city are around 50 degrees in January. However, San Francisco has plenty of rain in the period from November to April with about 70 rainy days. This is also a period when the weather gets slightly cooler, but not too terrible.

The Most Yummy Culinary Scene

You know that to-do lists we all make? Well in San Francisco you’ll need to write a restaurant-to-try list. San Francisco’s restaurant scene is large and innovative. Here you can indulge any craving you might have, even the ones you didn’t know you had. If you are a food blogger this is your destination!

Let’s not forget bakeries, pastries are almost a religion here! And what goes better with warm pastry than a cup of fresh coffee? Coffee shops are everywhere, here you won’t find those fancy Starbucks so-called coffee full of ice and sugar. You come here to appreciate coffee in its raw and natural form, such as espresso.

Also, don’t skip dinner at Rintaro, a buzzy Japanese restaurant with the best smoky yakitori and silky tofu. If you like more classical cuisine visit House of Prime Rib, where chefs carve the meat in front of you on carts that roam in the dining room.

It Is Perfect For Arts Enthusiasts

San Francisco has everything, from world-class museums and symphonies to one of the largest collections of mainstream and street art collections in the world. If you are a big fan of symphonic music, besides visiting the Sigmund Stern festival,  San Francisco offers you institutions like San Francisco SymphonySan Francisco Opera, and San Francisco Ballet.

The museum game is strong in this city! Here you’ll discover the Legion of Honor Museum, the Palace of Fine Arts, and the Museum of Modern Art. All these establishments offer you large permanent collections as well as events that are organized from time to time.

The San Francisco Zoo is home to 39 endangered species and cares for more than 250  different animal species. If you are relocating with kids you better be sure you’ll be a regular guest here.

Moving To San Francisco Is A Dream Come Through

Making a decision to visit San Francisco is great. But deciding to live here is awesome! The thing is that it will take a lot of money out of your pockets just to meet your ends, but the quality of life you’ll have here is worth every cent! For all those people who are tired of crowded and always fast-paced NYC, this is the real deal. let me just mention this, cold and harsh winters will become past when you move to sunny California.

If you already planned out your SF relocation but you need assistance with heavy lifting, we are here for you. Send us an email and in return, we will send you our most reliable team to help you out.

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