Advice From iMove NYC: Moving Your Priceless Items

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Your collections of priceless works of art and sentimental keepsakes could take a lifetime to assemble. Nevertheless, a careless mishap when moving could quickly harm a costly item. Therefore, you want to have every assurance that when it comes time to transport valuable, unique artifacts to your new house, they will be handled with the highest care.

Your treasured possessions will be protected, packed, shipped, and stored by skilled iMove NYC movers who are all licensed, bonded, and insured.

Three Methods That We Safeguard Your Valuables

Anyone can pack their stuff in packing paper and put them in a box with packing peanuts, but the greatest movers in the business use premium packing supplies made especially for expensive objects.

1. How Your Furniture Is Wrapped by Our Team

When getting ready to put it into the moving truck for transfer, your lovely designer furniture needs specific handling.

We use the best plastic wrap to affix any loose cushions to the couch, sofa, or chair. To assist prevent any damage, the furniture is carefully swaddled in thick, sturdy moving blankets after being covered in three layers.

We wrap the entire object in packaging tape after that. We employ a mattress bag with tape that we utilize for mattresses. The mattress is then slid into an appropriately sized box, which is taped shut. The package is then completely wrapped in protective wrap.

2. How We Keep Artwork and Valuables Safe

Each piece of art is first preserved and then wrapped in glassine paper. Glassine paper has an unbuffered surface and is exceptionally thin, smooth, and acid-free. It has exceptional resistance to both air and water. Glassine paper is also made specifically to protect canvases.

After carefully wrapping it, we secure the bundle with blue packing tape that is both safe and simple to remove. The component is then wrapped in bubble wrap and taped. The wrapped artwork is then lifted by iMove NYC movers and put into two boxes, one of which is marked “FRAGILE” and sealed with packing tape.

3. Transporting Wine and Rare Spirits Securely

Knowing the worth of fine wines and other rare spirits is crucial when moving them so that your collection is handled carefully. So, take a photo inventory of your collection and get it valued first. The right kind and quantity of relocation insurance can then be purchased to safeguard your investment.

• The movers will next properly secure your bottles after taking these important precautions. They will first wrap each bottle in fresh packing paper before taping it shut.

• Second, put each bottle into the container that has been specifically made to hold wine and other liquid bottles. For safe transportation, the box contains precisely sized compartments created in sturdy styrofoam holders.

• Third, fill in any gaps with packing paper or packing peanuts to prevent unintentional moving.

• Fourth, label the box and put a fragile label on the outside.

• Fifth, when transporting a priceless wine and liquor collection, employ temperature-controlled moving trucks to transport your liquids.

Ask your professional mover about any rules that may apply to your relocation if you are transporting your wine and liquor collection across state lines.

Final Words From iMove NYC Professionals

With white-glove service and extreme care for transporting priceless items, imove NYC provides you with moving-related peace of mind.

The go-to moving business in NYC is iMove NYC thanks to its professionally trained movers, additional furniture protection, and top-notch customer service. Before scheduling your move, be careful to compare moving quotes.

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