Tips and Tricks: Moving a Pool Table

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A house wouldn’t be a home for many people without their cherished pool table. Pool tables are the focal point of many leisure rooms, including that ideal space in your new apartment. They provide numerous hours of entertainment. However, the thought of transporting a pool table could turn any excitement into fear.

Pool tables are a notoriously difficult item to move because the entire process is time-consuming and expensive. Before the move, you should have a game plan in place, so let’s go through some basic methods for relocating your pool table.

Choosing to Move a Pool Table Yourself: Pros and Cons

Moving a pool table on your own is not insurmountably difficult. Many people find doing it themselves intriguing because they may save paying for pool table movers. Please think about why you would want to hire a team in the first place before you roll up your sleeves and take a screwdriver to your pool table.

The typical weight of a pool table is 700 pounds. Some weigh in at over a thousand pounds. A pool table also has long pieces, some of which are 9 feet long. You will have to deal with numerous enormous, hefty pieces when moving a pool table by yourself.

Take into account the labor required to disassemble it as well. Pool tables cannot be moved in one piece due to their size. To move one, it must be divided into more manageable pieces. Pool tables are intricately crafted objects with numerous delicate elements. You run the danger of shattering both the table and your back if you don’t have the necessary precise knowledge to disassemble it.

Moving Pool Tables With Professionals

Professional pool table movers simplify the procedure. They are fully conversant in the complexities of the transfer from beginning to conclusion. It will be well worth the investment to hire expert pool table movers because you will avoid both the physical and psychological strain.

Obtain the Right Staff and Equipment

You should be able to find a team of experts in your city to help move your pool table to your new house by searching for “pool table movers near me” on your preferred search engine. Although hiring a team of experts for this job is strongly advised, there is a chance that this won’t be possible due to your budget, a changing deadline, or another factor.

If so, you should make adequate preparations. A drill, screwdriver set, socket wrench, staple remover, as well as a lot of bubble wrap and moving blankets, are the first things you need to acquire for the dismantling process.

Pool table components can weigh over a hundred pounds each, so several persons handle each one. The people helping you should ideally be capable, strong, and physically fit enough to carry the components. Comfortable clothing and slip-resistant footwear are essential on a moving day.

Completely Disassembling the Pool Table

When relocating a pool table, both experts and novices adhere to the same procedures. To remove the side rails, corners, and bumpers, first unscrew the ball pockets on the table. The felt cover must then be removed from the table, a delicate process that causes tears in the cloth. Be ready in case the felt needs to be replaced after the transfer.

The next step is to unscrew the slates after the cover has been removed. These components are delicate when removed even though they are made to fit into the table. Cracks are typical. A slate must be replaced if it breaks.

Assembly of the Billiards Table

A pool table requires meticulous disassembly and assembly to be moved. Again, experts can help you with every step, especially since maintaining a smooth surface can be difficult.

The steps for reassembling the table are carried out in the reverse sequence of how it was originally disassembled if you’re doing it yourself. Each component will fit where it is supposed to, much like a puzzle. You will require a group of friends or relatives to assist you due to the weight of the pool table.

You may find detailed instructions on how to remove and reassemble your pool table in the owner’s manual.

To Sum Up With iMove NYC

Your decision as to whether to DIY or not can be influenced by going over these factors in advance. There is no shame in saying that there are too many details to handle or that it might not be safe for you to attempt moving a pool table because it is no easy task.

In any scenario, calling a reputable moving company like iMove NYC may assist you in transporting your pool table with just one simple step on your part. We handle a variety of major and minor movements, including relocating a pool table, that call for specialized care and tools. When you work with us, you can relax knowing that the difficult (and heavy) task of transporting your pool table will be completed without incident and with a lot less stress.

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