Things To Do for Home Maintenance Before You Move

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Providing your new homeowners with a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere from the outset is the finest welcome you can offer. In addition to being kind and considerate, it demonstrates to the new owners that the area has been cherished and well-maintained. Above all, you’ll feel more at ease knowing that you left your previous residence in good shape.  

Just a little work is needed to get your house ready for new occupants. Here are some guidelines for enhancing the appeal of your previous house for the new owners.  

Deep Clean Everything Inside

Not only would a thorough cleaning make your house more hospitable for the new owners, but it will also make you feel better. But keep in mind that a deep clean is a thorough cleaning, so be ready to move appliances and furniture to remove any remaining dust and debris from below and behind them.

Make sure the wall-to-wall carpeting is as clean as possible, and scrub the floors and walls. Verify that the windows are clear and functional. Additionally, make sure that any appliances—such as a stove, dishwasher, or refrigerator—that are being sold are operating correctly. Give that ceiling fan some TLC while you’re at it.

If doing all of this on top of your packing responsibilities seems too much, you could choose to hire a cleaning service to give your place a thorough cleaning. The money was wisely spent.

Tidy and Arrange Outside

The last thing a prospective owner wants to see when they pull up in the driveway is rusty swing sets, peeling paint, and waving weeds. While the weather is still warm, you should take care of the yard and bushes, mow the grass, remove anything damaged or useless from the property, and dispose of it. If snowfall is predicted throughout the winter, be sure to make arrangements for the driveway and sidewalks to be cleared of any snow.  

Avoid Adding Your Old Business to the New Owners’ Tasks

You have most likely already crossed this item off your list. Nevertheless, a startlingly high percentage of individuals neglect to forward their letters. As a result, the former owner’s bills, magazines, catalogs, and other items that will, to put it mildly, irritate them quickly fill the new owner’s mailbox. Not only is this careless, but it’s also blatantly impracticable. You may obtain a Change of Address form at your neighborhood post office or fill one out online at This also applies to any enduring services, such as housecleaning or lawn maintenance. Ascertain that you have informed these and other regular service providers of your move.

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