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Relocating to Crown Heights is an option worth of considering. This neighborhood is located in Brooklyn, and like many other Brooklyn-based neighborhoods, it has its own unique architectural characteristics and benefits. This is exactly what makes this borough a good place to live for some people but not for others.

Main things that make Crown Heights a desirable place to live are the diversity, a vibrant arts and culture scene, vast green spaces, plenty of parks, and most importantly easy access to public transportation. It also offers a unique mix of residential and commercial areas, with plenty of shops, restaurants, and cafes to choose from. Keep in mind that this is an urban neighborhood, which includes many challenges, such as the higher cost of living, limited affordable housing options, and limited parking space.

In the end, whether you’ll choose Crown Heights as your new residential area simply depends on your personal preferences, lifestyle, and priorities. If you are still reluctant about relocating to Crown Heights, visiting this neighborhood might be a good idea. This way you will get a better sense of whether it’s a good fit for you.

Things To Think About Before Relocating To Crown Heights

It is good to know that the Crown Heights is a vibrant neighborhood with a diverse community, historic architecture, and active nightlife. It is located in the central part of Brooklyn, which is crucial for people who work on the other side of the bridge. Now, we are sure that you already figured out that the cost of living in Crown Heights can be relatively high compared to other parts of NYC. However, this neighborhood is one of the affordable ones in Brooklyn.

The cost of housing, amenities, and groceries, are significantly different than in many other parts of NYC. This is what people don’t like about NYC, the cost of living here does not only depends on the location, size, and amenities in your apartment. In NYC, for instance, the cost of milk is different in each neighborhood and borough. The cost of other daily essentials is also higher In Crown Heights than in other parts of Brooklyn. This is mainly because this part of Brooklyn is in proximity to popular shopping and dining destinations.

Housing options in Crown Heights

The housing and rental market in Crown Heights is very pricey and competitive, just like in most other parts of Brooklyn. In the past few decades, Brooklyn became one of the most sought-after neighborhoods for living. This is probably because it provides you with a close proximity to Manhattan, good public transportation, a great architecture that includes a mix of historic brownstones, modern apartments, and rent-controlled units. While this sounds great, this is the main reason why the rents here are so driven up.

The rent price for a one-bedroom apartment in Crown Heights can range from $2,500 and up to $3,500 per month, depending on the location, size, and amenities. On the other hand, two-bedroom apartments go from $4,000 per month and up. If you are more interested in buying property, thebe prepared to spend some money. The median home price in Crown Heights is around $1. million, the prices can vary widely depending on the size, location, and condition of the property so make sure you do the research properly.

Keep in mind that many people vying for limited available units, but with persistence and patience, it is possible to find a place to call home in this vibrant neighborhood. There are ways to make living in Crown Heights much more affordable. You can always start sharing an apartment with roommates to lower the cost of the rent.

What about the public transportation system?

Luckily, Crown Heights is well-connected to the rest of Brooklyn and Manhattan through a variety of public transportation options. Here are some of the key transportation options in the area:

  • Subway – Crown Heights has several subway stations that are served by the 2, 3, 4, and 5 subway lines. The 2 and 5 lines run along Eastern Parkway, with stops at Franklin Avenue and Nostrand Avenue, while the 3 and 4 lines run along Eastern Parkway and Utica Avenue, with stops at Crown Heights-Utica Avenue, Kingston Avenue, and Franklin Avenue.
  • Bus – Crown Heights is served by several bus routes, including the B44, B45, B46, B47, B48, B49, and B65. These buses provide connections to other parts of Brooklyn and to Manhattan.
  • Commuter rail – The Long Island Rail Road has a station in nearby East New York, providing connections to Long Island and other parts of the New York metropolitan area.
  • Bike – Crown Heights has several bike lanes and is a popular area for cycling. The neighborhood is also served by Citi Bike, a bike-sharing program that allows users to rent bikes from stations located throughout the city.

Commuting time will naturally depend on the specific location in Crown Heights as well the act if you are in the peak of the traffic jam or not. However, the neighborhood’s convenient access to public transportation makes it relatively easy to get around here without a car. Yo can do most of your daily chores on foot.

Local Attractions And Cultural Amenities Of Crown Heights

As we already said, Crown Heights is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood with a lot of cultural institutions and local attractions in offer. No matter if you are local or a visitor, you’ll always find something new and interesting here to do. Here are some of the cultural amenities and local attractions you must visit:

  • Brooklyn Museum – This museum is one of the largest and oldest art museums in the country, featuring collections of art from around the world, including ancient Egyptian artifacts, contemporary art, and a renowned collection of African art.
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden – This 52-acre garden is home to over 14,000 species of plants and is a popular destination for nature lovers. The garden features several themed gardens, including the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden and the Cherry Esplanade.
  • Prospect Park – Located adjacent to Crown Heights, this 585-acre park is the largest in Brooklyn and features a zoo, a lake, several playgrounds, and numerous walking and biking trails.
  • Brooklyn Public Library – Crown Heights Branch: This branch of the Brooklyn Public Library system offers a wide range of books, programs, and events for all ages.
  • Kings Theatre – This beautifully restored, 3,000-seat theater hosts concerts, plays, and other performances, and is one of the largest indoor venues in Brooklyn.
  • The Brooklyn Historical Society – This museum and research center features exhibits, events, and collections related to the history of Brooklyn and its diverse communities.
  • Weeksville Heritage Center – This historic site is a former free Black community that dates back to the 19th century. The center features exhibits, events, and programs that highlight the contributions of African Americans to Brooklyn’s history.
  • Jewish Children’s Museum – This museum is dedicated to educating children about Jewish culture and traditions through interactive exhibits, workshops, and events.
  • Brooklyn Children’s Museum – This museum offers hands-on exhibits and activities for children of all ages, with a focus on science, technology, and culture.
  • Franklin Avenue – This lively street in Crown Heights is home to a variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops, with a diverse range of cuisines and products reflecting the neighborhood’s multicultural community.

Pros And Cons Of Relocating To Crown Heights

Relocating to Crown Heights at the same time have both advantages and disadvantages, depending on your needs, budgets, and preferences. Here is the list of some of the pros and cons that most people share.


  • Location – Crown Heights is located in central Brooklyn, making it a convenient location to access other parts of the city via public transportation, such as the subway or buses.
  • Vibrant neighborhood – Crown Heights has a vibrant atmosphere, with a range of local shops, restaurants, and attractions that reflect the diversity of the neighborhood.
  • Diversity – Crown Heights is known for its diverse community and cultural amenities, providing opportunities to experience different cultures and lifestyles.
  • Affordable housing – Compared to other neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Crown Heights offers more affordable housing options, which can be an advantage for those on a budget.


  • Noise and traffic jams – Crown Heights can be a noisy neighborhood, particularly in areas near busy streets or public transportation, which can be a disadvantage for those who prefer a quieter environment.
  • Gentrification – The neighborhood is currently experiencing gentrification, which can lead to increased housing prices and displacement of long-term residents.
  • Lack of green spaces – While Crown Heights has some parks and green spaces, they can be limited compared to other areas of Brooklyn, which can be a disadvantage for those who value access to nature.
  • Lack of parking spaces – When you live in a big city such as NYC you are aware that there will never be enough free parking spaces. Brooklyn is one of the boroughs that has very big problem with not having enough parking space. So if you are dependent on your car this might be a big problem for you.

Moving To Brooklyn With iMOVE NYC Crew

Moving to Brooklyn can be a great decision for those who want to experience all that New York City has to offer. Brooklyn is known for its diverse neighborhoods, vibrant culture, and convenient public transportation. It’s also home to a wide range of attractions and activities, from world-class restaurants to iconic landmarks.

If you’re looking for a vibrant city with plenty to explore, Cobble Hill Brooklyn could be the place for you. However, moving isn’t so straightforward as you might think. Brooklyn is well known for its old charming buildings, and many of them does not have elevator. Now, you know what that means? You’ll need a help of reliable moving team. Luckily, iMOVE NYC offers wide variety of moving services an has the best moving crew.

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