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If You always wanted to live in New York City, but the cost of living there is something that always makes you change your mind, I have great news for you. Did you know that life in the Bronx will cost you at least 20% less than in most other NYC neighborhoods? This is why the Bronx is well known as one of the most affordable hoods in the Big Apple.

The Bronx is New York City’s oldest borough that features a melting pot of culture, a great arts scene, affordable accommodation, an excellent schooling system, a lot of green spaces, and easy access to Manhattan. What else can you ask for? Read on to find out why so many people think that moving to Bronx was their best decision.

What Should I Know Before Moving To Bronx?

You will find the Bronx just between the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan and the Westchester/Yonkers area. This gives the area a perfect mix of urban and suburban life. Apart from that, many people choose to call to move out of their apartment buildings and start a new life in a single-family home.

The Bronx is brimming with fun activities that make life here so special. It is home to Yankee Stadium, Wave Hill, Bronx Zoo, and New York Botanical Garden. All of these are great places for some leisure time. The Bronx is also one of the most diverse areas in the country. This indicates that you will have plenty of great cuisines to choose from after moving here. Just head on over to Arthur Avenue in Belmont (also known as ”The Little Italy” of The Bronx). The neighborhood is lined with Italian cafes, pastry shops, butcher shops, cheese shops, and much, much more.

Costs of living in the Bronx

Being that it is more affordable than Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens, the Bronx is a great option for families. Rent and restaurant prices are cheaper here than in other parts of the city. And, when you compare the Bronx to Manhattan, the former is notably cheaper in all categories, including rent, groceries, restaurant prices, and consumer prices. For example, a 1-bedroom apartment in the Bronx can run you around $1,800 per month, that sounds good, right?

Choosing the right Bronx neighborhood

The Bronx is rich with some true architectural gems. Aside from family-style homes, it also has plenty of art-deco-style co-op buildings, which are timeless and simply beautiful. Not to mention that the Bronx has many cool features like The Grand Concourse, a 5.2-mile boulevard that stretches from the North to South parts of the borough. It was Champs-Elysees that inspired the construction of this thoroughfare.

Apart from having a unique atmosphere and looks, plenty of Bronx’s neighborhoods are rather affordable. Still, we cannot fail to mention several affluent neighborhoods with higher real estate prices like Spuyten Duyvil, Riverdale, and Morris Park.  These West Bronx areas offer a more suburban style of living, all with front yards and car garages. These communities are great for families looking to get away from the hustle and the bustle of the city.

Several factors can affect your decision regarding the Bronx’s neighborhoods:

  • budget,
  • proximity to Manhattan,
  • proximity to green spaces, and
  • public transportation.

One particularly popular area plenty of long-distance movers NYC move people to is the South Bronx. It is right past Harlem and is rather famous for laying the foundations for Hip-Hop in the 70s. Boasting a more urban and industrial vibe, the South Bronx is bustling with new breweries, restaurants, coffee shops, and art spaces.

Job opportunities in the Bronx?

Plenty of Bronx residents work in Manhattan and commute daily to midtown or downtown. Still, many Bronx residents work within the borough. Your options for public transportation in the Bronx are the 4, 5, 6, 2, 3 & B, D. Many residents also take MTA buses to get around, having that the train lines were mostly designed to get to and from Manhattan. Aside from MTA, you can opt for plenty of cycling routes across the area that can be great options for commuting to and from work.


There are dozens of educational institutions in the Bronx which are NYC’s best, making the Bronx a destination for education! Students from all across the city flock to this borough to attend the Bronx High School of Science, and the High School for American Studies at Lehman College. These are two of the best public schools in the city.

You will find a lot of exceptional public schools in the area, however, you need to know that the Bronx is also full of well-regarded private schools. Fieldston, Horace Mann, and Riverdale Country Day are endowed with plenty of resources and an entire 40 tree-lined acre campus. A true testament to their excellence is the fact that kids from throughout the 5 boroughs commute to these schools every day.

Ready To Move To Your Bronx Address?

Bronx is a great community for everyone that prefers a quiet and easy-going lifestyle.  It is filled with undiscovered gems, worthy of everyone’s attention. Aside from the unique historic architecture, this borough is bursting with natural beauty. The Bronx has many rivers flowing through its domain. So, apart from being an energetic urban locale, you will have plenty of options for nature right in your backyard upon moving to the Bronx. Simply put, living here is a great option for many old and new New Yorkers.

In case you still didn’t organize your Bronx moving adventure, we will gladly offer you a helping hand in everything you need. Don’t waste any more time and send us a message today.

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