New York City Neighborhoods: List Of Best Areas For Millennials

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Every year more and more people move to NYC. New York City neighborhoods are especially attractive to the younger crowd, or as they are also called millennials. It is not a secret that Big Apple is one of the most popular cities for relocation for decades, however, it seems like that in the past few years it reaches its peeks.

There are a lot of neighborhood options available to you, but unfortunately, it is very easy to make a bad decision that will cost you a lot of time and money. Since this city is gigantic, you’ll need help to choose the best areas for living and working if you are a single, young professional.

In this article, I will go over the best NYC neighborhoods that are suitable for millennials, and why it’s important to have reliable movers such as iMOVE NYC on your team. Let’s begin!

Astoria, Queens

Astoria was always one of the most popular neighborhoods in NYC. In the first immigration wave back in the days, a lot of Italians moved into this neighborhood; later Greeks replaced the Italians, but as you can see this is a very culturally diverse neighborhood. 

In fact, it proudly supports and shows of with the vibrant mix of Italian, Greek, Irish, and LGBTQ community members. A must-do thing here is to eat in a local Greek tavern, believe me, that will be an experience you won’t want to forget. Astoria is very large and what draws people to it, is its affordability and low crime rates. You can still find one-bedroom apartments for rent in Astoria, for less than $3,000 per month. The median rent in Astoria is around $2,100, which is not bad for Big Apple.

Queens is not so trendy as Manhattan but it is 15% cheaper, and that is something that the young crowd appreciates. The nightlife in Astoria isn’t such a highlight but you can find different types of entertainment here. However, you can still hit the bars and pubs in Manhattan, considering it is still only 15 minutes away by the N and W subway lines.

As you can see, the combination of the median monthly rent and various opportunities at your disposal makes Astoria a great place for any millennials who are in search of a good place to call home.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg might be the biggest surprise on this list, but this neighborhood is in trend right now. I can freely say that this is the most hipster place in the US, after Portland, of course. Williamsburg is mainly a home for artists and people who are working in the tech industry. 

The north side of Williamsburg is designed to reminisce Manhattan a lot. On the other hand, the south side remained authentic. Williamsburg became a bit more commercial when big stores like Apple opened.  Still, the neighborhood is still having that strong alternative vibe, I mean where will you find a bowling alley with live music every night.

Besides the hipster vibe, this neighborhood attracts people with affordability. Did you know you can rent a nice one-bedroom apartment for $3,200 here? For current NYC parameters, that is totally okay. Williamsburg is a lot of fun, you’ll find some of the best bars in this neighborhood. I guarantee you that even a casual walk in this area will turn into a memorable day full of entertainment. Visit local dinners, food in Williamsburg is versatile and you will be able to try something different here.

So if you are an artist who decided to try your luck in the big city, Williamsburg is just the right neighborhood for you.

Dumbo, Brooklyn

We ain’t done with Brooklyn people! There are a lot of great areas in this borough that are suitable for young professionals. If you didn’t know Dumbo is currently a Brooklyn hotspot and the main reason for that is close proximity to Manhattan. Dumbo is short for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Most people who live in Dumbo are artists or people who work in local tech startups. So, what’s it like living in Dumbo? Well, since this hood is full of young and creative people, the good energy and vibes are in abundance. The entire waterfront is perfect for a stroll or a morning jog. 

Compared to rest of the Brooklyn this area is a bit more expensive since it is closer to Manhattan. The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Dumbo is around $3,400 per month, but if you are working in the tech industry this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

If you are a fan of cobblestone streets and brick stone buildings then Brooklyn Heights is calling you. This is a quiet neighborhood, located just across Manhattan and it is perfect for young families. 

You’ll find a lot of parks and green spaces which is crucial for people with young kids. In fact, you will have direct access to the world-class Brooklyn Bridge Park when you move here. The park offers a skating rink, athletic fields, courts, outdoor gyms, Jane’s Carousel, playgrounds, and a small beach. A lot of different events, activities, and exhibits are held here, year-round.

Brooklyn Heights is a historic location so naturally, the nightlife isn’t on an avid level here, this is more family-oriented hood. Luckily, for all the party people who live here, close proximity to Manhattan is a big bonus. You are just 30 minutes train ride from your favorite Manhattan bar. Affordability is not what this neighborhood has in offer for you, however, that is the price of living in a quiet family-oriented district. A median one-bedroom rent in Brooklyn Heights is around $3,000.

FiDi – Financial District, Manhattan

Manhattan is a particularly desirable place for living among New Yorkers as well as newcomers. This isn’t a surprise since Manhattan is that one neighborhood you can see in almost every move that is New York-based. 

However, Manhattan isn’t just Upper East and Upper West Side, there are a lot of different areas in this borough that are worth considering. One of them is FiDi, in fact, every year, a lot of millennials, mostly in their 30s, choose this hood for their home. It is located in downtown Manhattan just in what I like to call the economic hive of this city. When you move here you will meet a lot of new business opportunities, educational opportunities, and career advancements. 

Some researches say that more than 60% of FiDi residents are millennials. This area is not only about work, there’s a lot to experience in Financial District, from tourist attractions to quite zen spaces. The thing that will impress you the most is the architecture. Make sure you watch the FiDi skyline from a rooftop, you’ll be in awe of how beautiful this neighborhood is.

You won’t find many clubs and bars in this area, but luckily you live in Manhattan and the lower Upper East Side is close as it can be. The main drawback of this area is the cost of living. The median price for renting a one-bedroom apartment is $3,500. From skyscrapers to green fields FiDi has something for everyone who decides to live here.

Murray Hill, Manhattan

Murray Hill has been known as a neighborhood that is the perfect transition between college life and adulthood. Located in Midtown East this is a thriving community full of young professionals and postgraduates. Most people move to this part of the city due to reasonable rent prices and a great bar scene on the third avenue. A lot of people unwind at bars in Murray Hill for after-work drinks and parties, so there will be plenty of opportunities to meet new people. While we talk business, you should know that for many residents a workplace is within walking distance. This means you will save a lot of time and money on commuting.

Also, you are close to Grand Central Terminal, so traveling to other parts of the city will be an easy job for you. What people love the most is that they can find a nice one-bedroom apartment in a great building with a view of the Empire State Building or Chrysler Building for $3,000 or even less. In case, Queens and Brooklyn are not your cups of tea, Manhattan’s Murray Hill will be a great place for you.

Nolita, Manhattan

The most European-like hood in all of NYC. As you can guess, this neighborhood is vibrant, cozy, and crowded with stylish boutiques and coffee shops. It has a bit of an Italian charm. But life here is slower, simpler, and less stressful. This is a great hood for young families, and people who like to live in an urban area but with less noise.

You’ll fall in love with the charming architecture of this part of the city. Everything is so effortlessly neat here. Lounging outdoors will soon become your favorite afternoon activity. Nolita borders SoHo and Lower Manhattan. The good news is that this part of the city isn’t crowded with tourists so you’ll be able to watch some quiet time for yourself.

Nolita is a very friendly community, you can expect your neighbors to hop in and lend you a helping hand anytime you might need it. One of the things that you must do in Nolita is visit pop-up art galleries and fashion shops that are very common here. Oh yes, and summer food festivals! Nightlife here is a bit laid back but you can always visit other parts of Manhattan for a night out. The median rent in this little community is a bit pricier, but considering the peace and quiet you’ll get, it’s a good deal in the end. Expect to pay around $3,800.

The East Village, Manhattan

What makes East Village one of the hotspots of the Big Apple? It must be the fact that this is a neighborhood where the nightlife starts at dusk and ends at dawn. Quiet during the day and wild when the sun comes down is a perfect combination for young professionals. This area has the biggest concentration of bars In NYC, giving you a lot of possibilities. 

The East Village is located close to the NYU campus so it is high in young, diverse, and fun energy, perfect for millennials. Besides bars, you’ll find a lot of restaurants, bakeries, and food shops with diverse offers. Also, antique and vinyl shops are very common in this hood. If you are a passionate runner you’ll love taking a morning jog alongside the East River or just having a long stroll to clear your mind. The architecture of East Village is authentic, you’ll feel like you are living in another era. 

The rental market is very diverse here. You can find very affordable and very pricey rental options here. The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is approximately $3,400. 

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Since NYC officially has 59 community districts we barely scratched the surface with this list. However, these are the most popular neighborhoods among millennials in the past few years. Generally, what some person desires out of a new district depends on personal tastes and priorities. 

So in case you don’t like anything you see on this list, don’t lose hope. Feel free to explore more, this city has something in store for everyone. No matter where you decide to reside, you should always hire professional movers when relocating to NYC. That is the only way to ensure your move is efficient and successful.

We are open to all your questions and demands just send us an email so we can schedule the meeting. 

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