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Moving to Times Square can be a great decision for young people who prefer that urban, crowded vibe. Also, if you are trying to figure out where to move to improve your knowledge and career, this neighborhood can provide you with lot of opportunities. However, before making any impulsive decision, there are few thing you need to consider.

Think about the cost of living, the availability of housing and transportation, and the proximity to your current work, if you are a New Yorker. No matter where you move ensure that the new neighborhood meet all your needs. Life in NYC is difficult enough, so be kind to yourself and make sure everything you need is in proximity.

Cost Of Living At Times Square
When people say New York they think of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, New York Knicks, and Times Square. Times Square is the epicenter of New York City and the perfect place to live if you love big city life.

The neighborhood is known for its bright lights, iconic buildings, and tourist attractions but it’s also one of the best places to live in Manhattan. If you’re considering relocating to Times Square, then make sure you are aware that renting an apartment or buying a condo in this popular neighborhood is costly!

The cost of living in Times Square, Manhattan can be quite high. Remember the cost of living in NYC is different in each borough. For instance, the cost of food, entertainment, and other goods and services tends to be higher in Times Square. Your living in Times Square will depend on many factors, such as the size of the apartment, location, and amenities, but overall it is considered one of the most expensive places to live in Manhattan.

Rental and housing options in Times Square
The rental market in Times Square is competitive, so you’ll want to do your research before signing a lease. There are many options for rent including apartments, lofts, and condos. You must be aware that prices vary tremendously depending on the location and size of the unit.

Studios are the most affordable option at around $2,000 per month while 3 bedroom units run about $7000 a month. The average rent in Time Square for a 1 bedroom unit is $3500 per month, which is out of reach for many people.

Public transportation
The Walk Score for Times Square is 87, which makes it a very walkable neighborhood. The average time it takes to travel from one subway station to another by foot in New York City is 5 minutes.

In Times Square, there are many shops and restaurants within walking distance of each other so you’ll be able to easily get around without needing a car or taxi service most of the time. However, I strongly recommend that you take advantage of the subway system.

It is, by far, the best way to get around New York City. The subway is not only cheap but also convenient and easy to use. While there are other ways to get around, like a bus or cab, they can be much more expensive than taking the subway and often not as reliable or easy to navigate.

The N, Q, R, and S trains run through Times Square and are all located on 7th Avenue between 42nd Street and 49th Street/50th Street stations. These trains will take you:

north toward Queens;
south toward Brooklyn;
west toward Hudson Yards;
east toward Astoria in Queens;
southeast toward Flushing-Main Street in Queens;
northeast towards College Point in Queens;
southwest toward Jamaica Center/Parsons/Archer Avenue-Van Wyck Blvd.;
northwest towards Yankee Stadium/Grand Central Terminal.
Amenities And Local Attractions
Located near the heart of Midtown Manhattan and surrounded by major attractions. Relocating to Times Square offers an exciting lifestyle that’s impossible to pass up. It’s a great place to live if you want to be close to everything.

The neighborhood is home to many famous landmarks, including Radio City Music Hall, Bryant Park, and Columbus Circle. Times Square offers several shopping options as well, from large retail boutiques to small boutiques hidden away around corners.

Landmarks in Times Square include the Empire State Building, Macy’s, and the New York Public Library. Times Square is also home to Radio City Music Hall and Port Authority Bus Terminal. The area is home to several well-known tourist attractions including Toys R Us and Times Square Studios.

Pros And Cons Of Relocating To Times Square
Relocating to Times Square comes with good and bad sides. This is only natural since no place on Earth is perfect. However, before you make any decision you should put all the pros and cons on paper and then decide whether should you or shouldn’t move. Here is our list of pros and cons that will help you out make this hard decision.


The energy and excitement of the city. Despite its reputation for crowds, traffic jams and long lines for food and entertainment, New York City is still one of the most exciting cities in the world. It’s full of lights, sounds, and people from all over the world, which means there’s always something interesting happening around you.

Lots of restaurants, theaters, and clubs to choose from. NYC has an incredible variety of restaurants offering cuisine from all over the world including some truly unique choices that you won’t find anywhere else! You’ll also find everything from Broadway shows to symphony orchestras if you’re looking for entertainment options.

Living in Times Square is an experience you need to have at least once in a lifetime. Relocating here is for the people who love busy cities with lots going on and want a prime location that’s close to everything happening in New York City.


Prices. Life in NYC is expensive, but life in Manhattan is what most consider a luxury! Everything here costs much more than anywhere else in NYC and broad areas. Manhattan is one of the most expensive areas in the world.

Moving To Times Square Made Easy With iMOVE NYC
Times Square can be expensive, however, there is one more problem – it is hard to find an available real estate here. This might sound crazy, but due to it’s popularity, this hood lacks available housing options. But don’t let this stop you from searching. In case you already found an apartment, now there is only one more thing to do – hire a reliable Manhattan moving company. Luckily for you, you are at the right place. iMOVE NYC is one of the best moving company in whole New York area.

Our team of professionals have years and years of experience with both commercial and residential moving. We guarantee you that when you hire us, all your belongings will arrive at your new address safely and on time. We are eager to answer all your questions so make sure you send us a message here, or give us a quick call.

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