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So after reading my previous article, you realized that moving to Connecticut is the best thing for your family, but where exactly you should go? Don’t fret, I got your back. By now you surely know that Connecticut isn’t the cheapest place for living. However, if your choices are NYC, NJ, and Boston, then CT is a great option to keep your job in the Metropolis but save some money as well.

Living in Connecticut is much more expensive than in most parts of the US, but it doesn’t have to be if you know to choose the town according to your budget. That’s why we decided to explore the best areas and towns in Connecticut if you don’t want to break the bank.

Connecticut’s Cheapest Towns

As I mentioned it is no secret that life in Connecticut can be very pricey, especially if you are working in Manhattan so you choose to move to Fairfield County to live near NYC. However, if you aren’t tied to NYC with the job then other Connecticut cities and smaller towns can be a great option for you and your family. Connecticut has a diversity of both metropolitan and rural options.

So, what are the cheapest places to live in Connecticut?


If you are looking for the cheapest city in Connecticut, which is rural and nowhere close to NYC, then the eastern part of the state is the perfect choice for you. The average one-bedroom apartment rent price is slightly above $1,000 in Willimantic. It’s not anywhere near New York City. It’s not in the Capital Region. The cheapest place to live in all of Connecticut for renters is the small riverside town of Willimantic in the eastern part of the state.

This is a placid small college community in the Windham region. This city isn’t a synonym for fun but if you are interested in the textile or railroad industry you’ll be glad to know that this city has two museums – Windham Textile and History Museum and Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum. Both preserve the history of the two industries that built the Willimantic into what it is nowadays. Also, the city is home to 4,400 students at Eastern Connecticut State University with a great campus.

When you move to Willimantic you will be just 45 minute drive away from Hartford.


If Hartford is on your checklist then somebody already did the homework. Just a few decades ago, this city was the largest one in Connecticut, but unfortunately, many people decided to leave and move closer to the coast. However, the city still remains the most important city in the state. The great thing about population reduction is that rent prices went down significantly. Today a one-bedroom apartment rent is $1,400. While in East Hartford the price goes even lower, and you’ll pay $1,200 for the same apartment structure.

Hartford is the cheapest big city to live in Connecticut. It is by far the most urban and most global city at the same time and you might also know it under the name “Insurance Capital of the World”. A lot of healthcare companies operate here such as The Phoenix Companies, Prudential, Travelers, United Healthcare, and The Hartford.

On the other hand, East Hartford is an industrial town, to be more precise it is a leader in aerospace manufacturing. Here more than 9,000 people work in this industry.


This is Connecticut’s largest city with nearly 150,000 residents. It’s located on Long Island Sound, halfway between Stamford and New Haven. If you are working in Manhattan, you have the option to commute by train and it will take around two hours to get there. But why would anyone do this? Well, the average one-bedroom apartment rent here is below $1,500, so with Manhattan’s paycheck, you will be able to save up a lot of money.

The city is dense with suburbs, and it has a busy waterfront alongside the Bridgeport Harbor. If you are a student, you will be happy to hear that the University of Bridgeport is placed right on the waterfront and is surrounded by parks and beaches. Bridgeport is a lively and vibrant city there are a lot of bars and restaurants, as well as museums and galleries. If you are looking for some fun, Bridgeport is the place to be.


No, we don’t talk about the University of Oxford in England, we talk about the town of New Haven County. It’s a quiet and small town with around 14,000 residents. The area is woodsy so the city is a bit scattered all over the place which gives you that rural and rustic kind of lifestyle. The one-bedroom apartment in this city will cost you around $1,840 per month, which is still a fair price compared to most of the neighborhoods in NYC or NJ.

The city is great for people who are looking for job opportunities. The Oxford Center offers a handful of businesses and it is Oxford’s only shopping center. Also, it is good to know that the Waterbury-Oxford Airport is located near the city. For those of you who aren’t familiar this is a popular corporate airport. A dozen of large corporate business jets. When you move to Oxford you are a short helicopter ride away from Midtown Manhattan.


If you are tied to Manhattan with your job but still dream about moving to Connecticut, Norwalk is your answer. This city offers reasonable real estate prices only 35 miles from NYC. A one-bedroom apartment will cost you around $2,120 per month. Now imagine how much money you can save up on yearly basis with an average Manhattan paycheck when living here. This is the main reason why people decide to move here and commute to work every day for about an hour or so. You can commute by train or your car, it’s your choice.

Around 90,000 people live in this city. What is great about it is that most of its residents own their homes considering how reasonable the prices are here. The public schools are graded above average. Norwalk attracts both young and middle-aged adults who are trying to establish their independence and build their families. This is the perfect town to grow up in.

Need A Reliable Moving Partner?

If you, like many other people, decided to replace the busy and loud NYC lifestyle with a more subtle yet vibrant one, then moving to Connecticut is something you should definitely do. However, planning and executing the move isn’t as easy as it might seem at first. First of all, it requires a great logistic plan, which most of us mortals aren’t able to make. Second, there is just too much work to do, packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, and so on. Don’t forget that besides that you need to continue working, and fulfilling all your daily chores.

This is why you need to hire a reliable moving company that will assist you with anything you can’t do on your own. iMOVE NYC offers a wide range of moving services, from labor-only services, and packing services, to premium services. If you have a hard time deciding what exactly you need, give us a quick call so we can advise you and help you choose the right service for you.


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