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Moving a bed frequently involves more forethought and work than originally thought. You’ll quickly learn as you begin this furniture-moving journey that it’s not just about lifting a mattress and a frame; it’s about making sure a seamless transition for what may be the most important piece of furniture in the home since everyone needs a good night’s sleep to function well the following day!

How to Move a Bed in Steps

The bed is not just meticulously dismantled and readied for transport by our movers. Additionally, we wrap all pieces in protective blankets before labeling them. A bed must be disassembled and moved after going through several processes.

• Assemble equipment and supplies

• An Allen wrench or a screwdriver is required to remove screws or bolts.

• (For hardware) Ziplock bags or tiny containers.

• (To mark bags and containers) tape.

• Use bubble wrap or plastic wrap.

• Blankets for furniture or moving pads.

Clear the Area and Remove the Bedding

• Remove all the blankets, pillows, sheets, and duvets from the bed.

• Place the bed linens in boxes or bags.

• Remove any obstructions from the area around the bed that can prevent its disassembly.

Take Away the Box Spring and Mattress

The mattress and box spring should be raised and placed in a clean, safe location.

Protect the Frame, Components, and Fragile Parts

• To avoid damage during shipping, cover delicate or adorning parts like finials or elaborate bedposts in bubble wrap or furniture blankets.

• To avoid scratches and damage, cover the frame sections, the headboard, the footboard, and any other dismantled components in furniture blankets or bubble wrap.

Create, Arrange, and Relish Your Bed

• Place the mattress and box spring on the frame after it has been put back together.

• If required, reattach the footboard, headboard, slats, or other parts of the bed.

• Make your bed with new sheets and have a restful night in your new home.

iMove NYC Can Assist You!

As you can see, moving a bed is time-consuming and requires several steps. We are aware of your preference to outsource this kind of work. Whether you are relocating locally or far away, iMove NYC is delighted to help you in this respect! Get a quotation immediately instead of attempting a DIY move, and let us handle everything!

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