How to Prepare for Moving With Fragile Items

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According to CBS, the average American has moved around five times in their lifetime. Everyone has to move occasionally, so don’t allow your next major move to be delayed by your concern over damaging or losing your priceless possessions. Your precious possessions shouldn’t be in danger during the move to your new home, so we’re here to offer some of our finest advice on how to keep them secure.  

Size Matters When Packing Fragile Products

Think tiny when packing your fragile products. Smaller boxes are not only easier to handle, but they will also keep the contents from shifting about during shipping and perhaps breaking. In addition to the box’s dimensions, the design is important.

Never pack your valuables in a flimsy box since they could fall out. Put more tape on the box’s bottom to give it more stability. If the box’s bottom were to sag from weight, this precaution would act as a safety safeguard.  

Packing With Care

You must first acquire all of your materials. Now that you’ve chosen your box, take into account the possibility that the manner in your pack could affect the security of your breakables.

Layer your heaviest items near the bottom of the box to prevent crushing the lighter goods. Use cardboard dividers to separate tiny glassware such as wine glasses, decorations, and vases. As the boxes move during transit, the dividers will prevent the glass from crashing together. Finally, to hold everything in place and give extra protection, fill any unused space in the box with packing material like bubble wrap, paper, or other cushioning.

Try to Enjoy Yourself in This Transition

As moving day draws near, it can be tempting to rush the packing process, but skimping on packaging your fragile items can lead to issues in the future. You’ll thank yourself later for taking the time to carefully wrap each piece and add those finishing touches, such as padding hollow pieces and adding additional tape to the box’s bottom.  

Moving with Local Experts

Want to be certain that your delicate items are safely packed and delivered during your upcoming move? Hire full-service movers from iMove NYC. Our professionals are skilled at safeguarding even your most priceless possessions.

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