How to Avoid Clutter Buildup in the Future

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Your home may be tidy and orderly one day, but the next you may be wondering how so much junk managed to gather so rapidly. It’s easy for clutter to sneak up on you. You quickly find yourself dealing with a situation straight out of “Fibber McGee.”  You may prevent future battles against clutter overload by forming a few basic habits and mindset changes today.

Plan Periodic Purges  

If you’re moving soon, you’re probably getting rid of extra items anyhow, but one important tip for staying tidy is to set aside some time each week for decluttering. Avoid overextending yourself. Start by organizing a closet, cabinet, or drawer. When you’ve mastered the smaller areas, you’ll be motivated and inspired to take on the larger ones.

Get rid of whatever you don’t need or use as you go through each room. Each week, go over one section or one drawer and be sure to promptly put everything back where it belongs.

Recycle, Donate, and Toss

Once indispensable items may have moved to the back of a closet, the bottom of a drawer, or even the attic over time. Prepare a donation box, recycle container, and trash bag before you begin to declutter. Generally speaking, if it has been more than a year since you have used something or even thought about it, it is just clutter.

Make a Place for Everything

“A place for everything and everything in its place” is an excellent mantra to live by if you’re serious about decluttering. Have a designated location where you may leave your bags, keys, umbrellas, and other belongings. Set up a charging station for all of your gadgets.  

Use coordinating containers in the kitchen for pantry essentials, snacks, and utensils. To keep all of your grooming supplies and products organized in the bathroom, use caddies, trays, and drawer organizers.

Establish designated areas for seasonal attire, equipment, decorations, and any other items you don’t use frequently. Does your dry cleaner provide free storage for items like coats and sweaters that are out of season? Make the most of it.

Before Clutter Enters Your Home, Say “No” to It

It’s much simpler to stop clutter at the door than it is to tidy an area that is already overflowing. Although free calendars, pens, and other items could intrigue you, they will most likely just add to the clutter. And if it’s something you’ll only use sometimes, try asking a friend for a loan or renting it from a nearby garden center. To avoid receiving a ton of spam, unsubscribe from mailing lists. Additionally, fight the impulse to put things in a drawer and forget about them.


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