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There are so many reasons why people want to live in Big Apple. NYC is a fast-paced city and for someone who is a newcomer that might be trilling and troublesome at the same time. The great thing is that it has many attractive and interesting neighborhoods in all five boroughs. however, trying to figure out which one will be perfect for your fresh new start might be challenging.

The recent pandemic also changed the way how people think and what they prioritize when choosing a new residential location. Now the most important thing is to find a home base that has every essential located nearby, and the logical answer is Manhattan. However, Manhattan is huge so let’s focus on its most popular part the Upper East Side.

If you already said yes to UES, then the next thing you need to cross off of your list is finding the best team of Upper East Side movers. Look no further, iMOVE NYC moving company is just what you’ve been looking for. We can assist you with every part of your moving process since we provide a wide range of moving services.

iMOVE NYC Will Relocate You To Any Corner Of The Upper East Side

When you are about to relocate to a new neighborhood it is good to know how to get around. However, many people didn’t get the chance to explore it before the moving day which might pose a big problem. Therefore the best solution for this problem is to make sure you hire a team of professional Upper East Side movers.

We will move you to the following popular parts of the Upper East Side:

  • First Avenue
  • Second Avenue
  • Third Avenue
  • Fifth Avenue
  • East End Avenue
  • Madison Avenue
  • Park Avenue
  • Lexington Avenue
  • York Avenue
  • 59th Street
  • 72nd Street
  • 79th Street
  • 86th Street
  • 96th Street
  • 10021
  • 10028
  • 10065
  • 10075
  • 10128

How Does It Feel Living In Manhattans Most Popular Neighborhood?

For starters, Manhattan is known as one of the most expensive NYC boroughs to live in, however, it is possible to find an apartment for a reasonable price in this upscale community.

When future New Yorkers fantasize about moving to NYC they imagine a mellow, clean, and culturally rich part of the city with doorman buildings and brownstone-storied residences.

The swanky restaurants and designer boutiques are on every corner of the street and everything is classy. Well, this is exactly what Upper East Side is about.

Located east of Central Park, the Upper East Side is a family-oriented and peaceful district with a historic reputation for wealth and high class. What makes this part so popular is the low crime rates, hundreds of places to go out, and a bunch of New York’s iconic landmarks.

Recently a lot of young-professional people moved into this neighborhood attracted by the culture and easy-going atmosphere which was a refreshing and much-needed change. 

Day-to-day in the Upper East Side

It is easy to spend a perfect day when visiting the Upper East Side, but residing in it isn’t that movie-like story. 

Upper East Side is crowded day by day, so you will regularly rub elbows with tourists and your fellow Manhattanites. This means you better get used to waiting in lines at coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, museums, almost everywhere. 


As for the commute, unfortunately, Upper East Side has just one main subway. If you are not a fan of the subway, you will be glad to know that there are plenty of bus lines that can get you in and out of Manhattan.

Things to see and do on the Upper East Side

Luckily if the crowded streets and restaurants bother you, the UES borders Central Park along Fifth Avenue, giving you a lot of free space to get the fresh air.

This park divides the east and west sides of New York City. Take a stroll around the pond and visit Central Zoo Park. If you feel artsy stop by the Arsenal and take a look at the rotating murals and art exhibitions.

If you are in the mood to enjoy some unforgettable nightlife you should hit Second Avenue. The neighborhood offers a wide variety of bars and restaurants, the most expensive and fancy ones are located on Park Avenue.

For those people who are up for a more casual and laidback atmosphere, Yorkville is the place to go.


Even though Upper East Side is known as the headquarters of the private school system, luckily, here you can find at least five public elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. All are graded with a perfect 10 rating from GreatSchools.

Rental Market

As you might already know this is an exclusive neighborhood with upscale renting prices. You should know that the median rent is approximately $2,370. A studio will cost you about $1900, a one-bedroom apartment is around $2400 per month, while a two-bedroom apartment is $3120. If these prices are too high for your budget, you can always split the rent with a roommate or two.

Moving To The Upper East Side

I hope that while you were reading these rows you realized that there are a lot of reasons why you should look forward to moving to the Upper East Side. Instead of overthinking the decision better start making relocation plans. 

In case you get stuck and need the help of a professional team of movers iMOVE NYC is just one click away. We provide affordable and fast services, and you can be completely sure that your belongings are in the right hands. Don’t waste your precious time and book your Upper East Side movers today!

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