Five Weekend Projects to Upgrade Your Home

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Even if you feel at home in your “forever home,” there are still a few things you could do to make it better. You could already be considering making some changes to the landscape or other areas of the design. Many do, however, require preparation, money, and sometimes even the assistance of experts.  

Let’s assume for this post that weekends are for unwinding, recharging, and having fun. As a result, the “weekend projects” we suggest aren’t very difficult or time-consuming. Instead, they are little adjustments that will only take a few hours to complete, but they have the “instant gratification” effect that may encourage you to embark on more difficult tasks in the future.  

Refinish the Entrance Door

The front entrance of a house can reveal a lot about the occupants within. Why not invest a few hours over the course of a weekend painting yours a color that makes a warm, welcoming first impression if it’s now looking a little dreary or uninspired? It’s one of the quickest and easiest methods to improve curb appeal, and it can provide you with the motivation you need to raise the bar on your complete exterior color scheme.  

Start by doing some research on the door colors that would best complement the style of your home and your preferences. We advise going to a website like Pinterest to find a wide variety of carefully curated ideas.

Include a Feature Wall

An accent wall is a perfect way to add visual interest, direct attention to a room’s focal point, and make furniture items “pop.” It could be as easy as painting a section of a wall, such as an area behind a headboard, in a lighter complementary hue. Another way to add layers of pattern or texture is with wallpaper.

Furthermore, there is no long-term commitment because there are so many “peelable” options available. If you’re feeling very adventurous, you could add a textured surface, such as shiplap or even exposed brick; however, to do this properly, you might need to hire a professional.  

Utilize Lighting Effectively

You may redesign your lighting plan without hiring an electrician. Simply hanging a string of indoor/outdoor café-style globe lights can instantly make a porch or patio feel much cozier.  

Looking for a simple solution to illuminate a dim hallway, wardrobe, or garage? Take into account magnetic LED lighting strips with a sticky backing that may be attached to any smooth surface. We recommend motion-activated lights because they will switch on and off automatically as needed, which is great for people who have trouble seeing at night or other safety-related problems.  

Improve the Kitchen  

Even modest adjustments can significantly improve the aesthetics of your kitchen. Your cabinets’ handles and knobs can be changed to give the room a fresh, new look. Before you go to the hardware store, make sure to measure the width of the current cabinet pulls.  

Is there some disarray in your pantry? Towels, cleaning supplies, and other designated bins can help things get back on track quickly. New shelf paper that matches the bins in terms of color will complete the aesthetic while you’re at it.  

Think Outside the Boxes

An easy and fulfilling way to spend a few weekend hours is updating the look of your mailbox, even if it only needs a fresh coat of paint to go with your new front door. The possibilities are endless if you want to turn it into a weekend-long project. However, it is advisable to first inquire about the most recent installation instructions with the postal service.  

You may build a tiny herb garden outside a kitchen window with beautiful basil, scented rosemary, and other favorites and save money at the market by using window boxes, whether you make them yourself or buy them ready-made. Window boxes also offer a touch of color and aesthetic appeal to your home. It’s a great project to involve youngsters in as well, especially if you start from scratch.  

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