Relocating To Park Slope With iMOVE NYC Crew

Street in Park Slope NYC With a Man Carrying Bags

Relocating to Park Slope Brooklyn is a great idea for people with small kids. This community is family-oriented and peaceful, just what you need when you move with the family. Also, the neighborhood features many parks, greenery, playgrounds, restaurants, coffee shops, and other amenities. What’s important is that here you will be able to have a culturally diverse life without having to go anywhere else. Park Slope is one of the city’s safest neighborhoods and has some of the city’s best schools. It also offers great access to subways, depending on where you live.

Moving To Carrol Gardens, Brooklyn

Carrol Gardens Brooklyn View From the Bridge

Is moving to Carrol Gardens a good decision? Should I do that? I wonder what it’s like living in Brooklyn. Is it expensive, can I afford it? Will I need to change my job after relocation? I’m sure most of you overthink your moving decision no matter which neighborhood you chose. This is natural, since relocating to a new area is stressful.

Let’s Move To Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Daylight Panorama Photo Taken from Manhattan NYC

If you always wanted to live in a neighborhood that looks like a movie set of Brooklyn, then we might have just the right place for you. Let us introduce you to the Boerum Hill, a neighborhood similar to Cobble Hill and Carrol Gardens but with its own distinctive flair. Boerum Hill is a perfect place for those who are looking to find the balance between busy and quiet. In fact, that perfect balance is the main reason why so many Manhattan commuters (especially those who work in Lower Manhattan and Wall Street) decide to move here.

Moving To Bay Ridge With iMOVE NYC

Brooklyn Daylight Panorama Photo Taken from Manhattan NYC

Bay Ridge is a neighborhood located in the southwest corner of Brooklyn, New York City. It is a diverse and vibrant community that offers a mix of residential and commercial areas, with a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and bars.

Relocating To Flatbush

Amazing Brooklyn Bridge Photo with the One World Trade Center in The Background

Relocating to Flatbush is a great choice if you are one of those people that don’t want to give up on Brooklyn, even though rent prices are suggesting you to consider that. Not only that Flatbush is well-known as a busy and commercial district it is also a place where you can still rent a nice apartment for a reasonable price that is below the Brooklyn average.

Moving To Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Bridge Afternoon Traffic Jam With the Manhattan Skyline in the Background

Living in a city that never sleeps is an adventure and every native New Yorker will tell you that. Every borough is specific on its own, for instance, Manhattan is known as the posh one, while Brooklyn was always considered for hip and artsy neighborhood. However, Brooklyn is a historical neighborhood. In fact, all those old brownstones and tree-lined sidewalks that you’ve been seeing on the big screen are located in Brooklyn, more precisely Brooklyn Heights.

Moving To New Haven CT?

Close-up to Breathtaking Harkness Tower in New Haven Connecticut

Thinking of moving to New Haven, CT? Well, it can be a good and a bad decision. This mainly depends on did you plan it through before or if you simply made an irrational decision. However, this article will help you decide by showing you the pros and cons. New Haven is an extremely exciting […]

Moving To Sunset Park With iMOVE NYC

Manhattan Skyline Sunset Photo Taken Through the Brown Metal Construction of The Brooklyn Bridge

Looking for a new neighborhood to move to and you need some inspiration? Well, you are just on time! Let us help you out and suggest you a great idea – moving to Sunset Park! This diverse neighborhood is located in the western part of Brooklyn. What we like about it is that it offers […]

Why You Should Move To Downtown Brooklyn?

New York City Skyline Sunset Photo Taken from Brooklyn

When you say New York most people think – Manhattan. Yes, Manhattan may have global prestige, and it is synonymous with a cosmopolitan lifestyle, however, NYC has a lot more to offer. Let me tell you a little secret, Brooklyn has that hip edge that more and more people, as well as companies, are looking […]

Moving to Bedford-Stuyvesant

A View on Manhattan Bridge from the Washington Street NYC

Moving to Bedford-Stuyvesant, or also known as “Bed-Stuy” is a great opportunity for people who want to live in Brooklyn but in a more affordable area. This neighborhood is located in the central part of Brooklyn, and it is known for its rich cultural history, and beautiful Victorian architecture dominated by brownstones. Bed-Stuy is a […]

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